Lari Laine

Playboy's Miss May 1958

Lari, a member of the exclusive pleasure dome, takes advantage of the many opportunities for funsies offered within its swank demesnes:

Lari Laine nude for Playboy

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Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, contended that wordy fellow from Stratford, but Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, California, is not Stratford, and few rough winds turn up there to distress such darling buds as Lari Laine, our May Playmate. Lari, a member of the exclusive pleasure dome, takes advantage of the many opportunities for funsies offered within its swank demesnes: she digs the ultra-modern swimming pool, the 150-acre golf course, the spacious dining room and cocktail lounge and all the rest of the splendor she shares with Bob Hope, George Gobel, Eddie and Debbie Fisher and other members of the million-simoleon project. On these pages, you’ll discover Miss Laine enjoying a few strenuous sets of tennis on the Knollwood courts. You’ll also discover her — deliciously dewy after a revitalizing shower — in the ladies’ locker room, an attractive area out-of-bounds to all males save those who read Playboy.

A third-generation Californian born in 1937, Lari Laine majored in journalism at the University of California at Berkeley but got sidetracked when she became first runner-up to Miss USA. After that, she became a model, “a sort of early Cheryl Tiegs,” she says. “I had been on 29 national magazine covers when I decided to pose for Playboy. The magazine had been chasing me for three years through this photographer and that photographer, and finally this one man, Ron Vogel, came to me. He was working with his wife. He cried on my shoulder, said this could be my big break and it would get his foot into the door with Playboy. So I finally said yes. For most girls, Playboy was their first modeling job; I quit modeling after I did Playboy. I figured that was the top.”

Lari Laine nude for Playboy

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