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Playmates of The Year 2020

For the first time in Playboy history, there are 12 Playmates of the year!

Playmates of The Month (PMOM)

Ali Chanel

I feel so proud to be a mom and a Playmate. What a dream come true!

Alicia Loraina Olivas

I’ve had a lot of exciting opportunities over the past few years, but being a Playmate is by far the highlight of my career thus far.

Anita Pathammavong

People should be able to open up magazines and see models of all shapes, sizes and races. They should be able to see images of women they can relate to.

Carolina Ballesteros

As a Playmate, I have been given so much creative freedom.

Chasity Samone

It’s liberating to shoot nude, and I feel powerful embracing my sexuality.

Danielle Alcaraz

In the studio bathroom, there was always a stack of magazines — Playboy among them.


Being a Playmate is a big deal to me — this is like the pinnacle of my modeling career.

Marsha Elle

In middle school my classmates would stare at my leg when I passed them in the hallways. I’d wear baggy clothes—not only to hide my leg but to hide my whole body.

Priscilla Huggins

Sometimes clients would not hire me. It was a very frustrating experience because I was not a conventional model.

Riley Ticotin

Being a curvy model is not an “alternative.” It’s a natural size, and it’s just as great as any other.

Savannah Smith

It turns out my mom was right: The moment I set my mind on modeling as my profession there was no convincing me otherwise.


Being in Playboy gives voice to women who have a body like mine, and I’m saying, “Hey girl, your curves are beautiful just as you are.”

Hailee Lautenbach

I realized that I would love to be a Playmate, but I figured I would never be picked.

Izabela Guedes

I’m Playboy’s first quarterly Playmate! I can’t believe it.

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