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Amy Leigh Andrews

Since I was very young, since the first time I saw a Playmate, I wanted to appear in this magazine.

Ashley Hobbs

These pictures are totally me, because I love Christmas, which for me is all about food, family and presents.

Claire Sinclair

I was determined to become Playmate of the Year, and now that I have, I feel as successful as any 20-year-old could be.

Francesca Frigo

I never thought I would pose completely naked. Sex is beautiful, but it takes real courage to express your sensuality in pictures.

Heather Rae Young

I loved Playboy when I was growing up in those mountains, and now look at me: I’m Miss February! Unbelievable.

Jaime Faith Edmondson

I’m amazed I’m here. I’m fastening my seat belt and looking forward to a year of amazing adventures.

Kassie Lyn Logsdon

I was ready for a change, and Playboy really changed my life. Now that I’m a model, I’ve traveled all over the country.

Katie Vernola

And as far as posing nude goes, I just thought, Everyone has boobs and a butt, so it’s not that big a deal.

Kyra Milan

I love sex, but I think that sex is about being in love and having fun. That’s what Playboy is all about.

Olivia Paige

I think appearing naked in Playboy shows you’re happy and comfortable with yourself. I want to say I am happy to be me, I love myself and I am going to show you!

Shanna Marie McLaughlin

I had been casting all over town, and most directors told me my boobs were too big.

Shera Bechard

It’s strange that I wanted to become a model, because I’m such a private person. But I feel confident in front of the camera.

Amanda Cerny

I had two semesters left, but I took the year off to be Miss October.

Anna Sophia Berglund

One day I was hanging out with Hef, and he asked if I wanted to take a look at the next Playmate.

Ashley Mattingly

Being a Playmate has changed my life. I get to travel, meet new people and try new things.

Ciara Price

I like a good kisser, but he has to be fit, not a couch potato.

Iryna Ivanova

I love my body, and my philosophy is that if you have the right kind of body, why not show it?

Jaclyn Swedberg

I’m so much more outgoing since becoming a Playmate, which is an amazing feeling.

Jessa Lynn Hinton

Curves are what make us women, that’s why I’ve always loved Marilyn Monroe.

Kylie Johnson

If you spend the night with me, you have to call in sick the next day.

Mei-Ling Lam

I never felt naked when I was shooting my pictorial. In fact, I loved it.

Rainy Day Jordan

I didn’t want to use Playboy as a stepping stone to a modeling career, it was my dream and it came true.

Sasha Bonilova

I see my job as promoting Playboy and natural beauty to the best of my abilities. A lot of girls would die to be in my shoes right now.

Tiffany Toth

I’m a sucker for a sense of humor – a guy has to make me laugh.

Alana Campos

I’m very happy to be here representing the beauty of my country, Brazil. And I love being a Playmate!

Amanda Streich

I want to live without regrets.

Amelia Talon

Being a Playmate was my dream. Playboy is a family, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Beth Williams

It’s a dream come true, Playboy is the highest standard of beauty, and I wouldn’t pose nude for any other magazine.

Britany Nola

I’m thrilled to be a Playmate. There’s nothing vulgar about nudity – not the way Playboy does it.

Heather Knox

If I like what I see, I don’t hesitate to go over and talk to him.

Leola Bell

I had always been interested in Playboy. The first thing I did was call my mom and tell her the news.

Lisa Seiffert

I’m most comfortable in the sun, sand and water, and my favorite beaches are private and clothing optional.

Nikki Leigh

I’ve wanted to be a Playboy model since I was 13 years old.

Pamela Horton

I only play for fun. Guys think that a girl can’t be a real gamer, but I don’t have anything to prove.

Raquel Pomplun

Posing nude made me more confident and less obsessive about little things.

Shelby Chesnes

I work out almost every day. It makes me happy and helps me feel good about my body and myself.

Alyssa Arcè

Throughout my career, my friends have asked, “Why haven’t you done Playboy?” Now here I am!

Ashley Doris

Now that I’m a Playmate, the story keeps getting better.”

Audrey Aleen Allen

I can be shy at first, but once I open up, I’m very outgoing.

Bryiana Noelle

I’m Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Cherokee and Blackfoot.

Carly Lauren

I love flowers and candy, but I don’t believe in labels, I think that you can be attracted to either sex.

Gemma Lee Farrell

I’m going to enjoy the hell out of being Miss November.

Jaslyn Ome

I’m a Playmate, and I live at the Bunny House, I can’t believe it!

Karina Marie

I started off in lingerie and a vintage mink, then got more naked.

Kennedy Summers

Being a Playmate has been wonderful. It was so much more than I could have hoped for.

Kristen Nicole Sanne

But I’m not too high-maintenance. I don’t need a ten-thousand-dollar dress to go to an event.

Shawn Dillon

I’m a mermaid who loves being by the water more than anything.

Val Keil

I want to succeed in my Playmate endeavors, but eventually, I’d love to have a family.

Amanda Booth

To me, sexuality is power, and to be female is to be powerful. But I think it’s sexier not to flaunt it – you should save it for the right person. It should be intense.

Britt Linn

I think it’s beautiful when a woman is confident in her own skin, I thought it would be cool to be slender enough for high fashion and curvy enough for Playboy.

Dani Mathers

I’ve always looked at Playmates as being flawless women. Posing nude can be totally empowering!

Elizabeth Ostrander

Now that I’m a Playmate, I think people will be interested in me and my story – more than anything, I want to inspire people!

Emily Agnes

So far, my Playmate experience has been a dream come true. Being here is bigger than I could dream.

Gia Marie

I want to be the dopest Playmate of the 2010s.

Jessica Ashley

People always think I’m flirting because I’m constantly touching myself and playing with my hair. I’m just very tactile.

Maggie May

I found it liberating to be just like, Fuck it and get naked, I totally admire girls who are like that.

Roos Van Montfort

I wake up in the morning and think, “Oh my God, I love this place” – but now that I’m a Playmate, I want something more.

Roxanna June

I wanted to be a Playmate because I thought it would bring some good energy my way, bring it on!

Shanice Jordyn

My mom actually encouraged me to do it. So I posed for Playboy.

Stephanie Branton

I love giving hot. Although I can be shy and quiet at times, I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

Alexandra Tyler

This is me showing the world how proud I am to be a woman. There’s no hiding now—I’m proud to be a Playmate!

Ana Cheri

When I know others are happy, it’s a kind of gratification unlike any other. That’s why I do what I do. I want a career where I can make people’s lives better.

Brittany Brousseau

The first time I tested, I’d never posed nude, taking a year to think it over, I really gained a lot of confidence, and I’m so excited to be here!

Brittny Ward

Now that I’m a Playmate, I’ll have a lot more followers on Instagram.

Chelsie Aryn

I found my dad’s Playboys in the basement, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed – I have a subscription.

Dominique Jane

I’ve been a full-time model and performer for a while, and one of my favorite gigs was touring with Kanye West.

Eugena Washington

Playboy’s been a wonderful adventure, but I’m already moving onto the next thing.

Kayla Rae Reid

I want to thank Playboy for being amazing and giving me this opportunity.

Kaylia Cassandra

It didn’t even hit me that I was a Playmate until I walked into the store and bought my magazine.

Kayslee Collins

I love being open about my sexuality. Everything I do has a sexual edge.

Monica Sims

But I’m strong in my decisions and extremely strong-willed. You have to do what makes you happy in life. Nothing else matters.

Rachel Harris

I’m creative and beautiful, and Playboy giving me that opportunity is gonna change my life.

Ali Michael

I like being human. Nobody really knows what the fuck they’re doing, and that’s totally fine.

Allie Silva

if I’m being asked if I’m an alien. I like to respond, ‘I’m a human. What about you?

Amberleigh West

For a long time I didn’t think I could model, let alone be a Playmate, because I was never the pretty, popular girl.

Ashley Smith

I’m a dork. I dabble in comic books, and cartoons are my guilty pleasure.

Brook Power

The ocean is my connection to God and makes me feel good without fail. I probably feel most beautiful when I’m surfing.

Camille Rowe

The word Playboy comes back to classic badass girls. I’m so proud and excited.

Dree Hemingway

My pictorial captures all of me—the sexy Dree, the childlike Dree, the funny Dree, the tomboy, the Lolita.

Enikő Mihalik

Every woman is criticized and torn down I’ve wanted to quit at times, but I sucked it up and persevered.

Josie Canseco

I’m actually a weird, goofy and friendly person. Giving in to drama simply isn’t me.

Kelly Gale

We shouldn’t listen to a female leader only when she has masculine characteristics. Instead of moving toward one ‘omni-sex.

Kristy Garett

For me, being sexy is about being yourself. Go ahead, be a woman—be elegant, but be crazy.

Valerie van der Graaf

I’ve been told I was rude at least a few times by an ex-lover, but I’m just being me.

Allie Leggett

There’s something about salt water on your skin and salty hair. I feel sexy when I’m tan.

Bridget Malcolm

You don’t want to wake up one day and regret having never truly lived.

Dana Taylor

I’m outgoing, so when I meet a guy, he has to be able to keep up with me, if we can connect and he can go along with me that’s great!

Elizabeth Elam

Women’s bodies have always been a topic of conversation. We can be over sexualized… Naked really is normal.

Elsie Hewitt

Nude photography is about vulnerability, the beauty of the picture. It’s not about sexualizing or objectifying myself.

Jessica Wall

I’m in love with oil paints, art is an expression of emotion, I’m a sponge.

Joy Corrigan

I grew up poor. I didn’t know drinking powdered milk and wearing hand-me-downs wasn’t the norm.

Lada Kravchenko

I’m a programmer. Yeah, database systems — that’s my profession. I told you I’m a nerd!

Liza Kei

I love to cuddle. Who doesn’t? There should be an app just for cuddles.

Milan Dixon

Being from Vegas, people expect you to be a party girl, not me. I’ve eaten stingray.

Nina Daniele

Posing nude is a metaphor for building my armor. I am ecstatic to be your Playmate of the Year.

Cassandra Dawn

I love to be in the sun, I love to be on the beach! I love to experience new cultures.

Jenny Watwood

To be honest, I try to avoid saying ‘model’ in the first 15 minutes. I want to be thought of as a person, not a mannequin.

Jordan Emanuel

When women get together and connect over shared experiences, we understand there’s no difference between us.

Kayla Garvin

Lately I’ve been creating a lot of abstract art. It’s freeing because it doesn’t have to be perfect. I can just let it all out,

Kirby Griffin

What’s sexy to women is different from what’s sexy to men!

Lorena Medina

I love to be naked, I’ve always felt comfortable with no clothes on — it’s freeing, it’s liberating and most of all, it’s who you are in your natural state, so why not

Megan Samperi

Guys say they want a girl who rocks Vans, ripped jeans and a crop top. That’s me!

Nereyda Bird

People see me on Instagram and assume I’m wild, but I never go out, it’s not my thing.

Olga de Mar

Jealousy is a turn-off. I don’t agree when someone says, ‘If you’re not jealous you must not love me.’ It’s the opposite.

Shauna Sexton

I don’t classify myself as a model, it’s so cliché nowadays for people to say, I’m a model. I need to have some sort of backup plan.

Shelby Rose

I want to empower people with curves. Specifically that in-between curvy size that’s not really represented.

Valeria Lakhina

I’m not a party girl. Maybe a few years ago, I would have said going out. But now, I just like talking to people.

Abigail O’Neill

The shoot was so much fun. I was sipping champagne in the bathtub! And the nudity? I’m pretty comfortable.

Fo Porter

I hope to inspire and empower any woman who is struggling with her natural shape or has had challenges embracing who she is.

Gillian Chan

For me, posing nude feels like a form of artistic expression. Here are the curves of my body, here’s how a body looks, and it’s normal.

Hilda Dias Pimentel

It wasn’t until I started modeling nude that I was forced to let go of what I saw as flaws and embrace my work with more confidence.

Jordy Murray

I think that so often we are afraid to advocate for ourselves—afraid that doing so makes us needy and, in some way, unloveable.

Megan Moore

Being in the modeling industry has been hard, but it has turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Miki Hamano

I came to the United States as an exchange student when I was 19 years old. Until then, I had never been outside Japan.

Sophie O’Neil

The biggest challenge is still just believing in myself. Obviously I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I wasn’t comfortable in my body.

Teela LaRoux

If you struggle with self-love, posing nude can be a vulnerable experience, but at the same time it can be empowering.


It’s important to take risks in order to get where you want to be in life. Don’t ever settle.

Yoli Lara

There are 10,000 girls who are more beautiful than I am, who have all the things a magazine would be lucky to have.

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