Playboy’s Playmates

2000 – 2009

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Brande Nicole Roderick

Playmates have a special bond that nobody can break, and I wanted to be a part of that so much.

Brooke Berry

I’m planning to make love on a ski gondola this year.

Buffy Tyler

I always knew Playboy would open a lot of doors.

Cara Michelle

I throw my heart, soul and body into everything I do.

Carol & Darlene Bernaola

There’s nothing you cannot overcome. We’re living proof!

Kerissa Fare

If I weren’t a Playmate, I’d be a professional pool shark!

Neferteri Shepherd

Nudity is art, depending on how it’s presented.

Nichole Van Croft

I know I’m not going to hell for being a Playmate.

Nicole Marie Lenz

Playboy has given me a lot of confidence!

Shannon Stewart

People tell me, “Don’t forget where you came from”, but I don’t think I could!

Summer Altice

Until I became a Playmate, my whole life was volleyball.

Suzanne Stokes

I was always posing – I can be daring, wild and seductive.

Crista Nicole

I’m turned on by extroverted, energetic and open-minded people.

Dalene Kurtis

I’ve dreamed of being a Playboy model since I was 14!

Heather Spytek

Playboy swept me off my feet.

Irina Voronina

Playboy didn’t discover me, I introduced myself!

Jennifer Walcott

I was the main attraction, and I felt like a star!

Katie Lohmann

I’ve had so much fun at the Mansion, hanging with all the other Playmates!

Kimberley Stanfield

I’m turned on by genuinely nice people!

Lauren Michelle Hill

I didn’t think I could be a Playmate because I’m just kind of normal-looking!

Lindsey Vuolo

I don’t believe in size at all, if you’re inside, you’re only six inches. Anything after that is really a waste.

Miriam Gonzalez

My fiancé wrote a letter, signed my name and sent my bikini pictures to Playboy.

Shanna Moakler

Playboy celebrates women, and that’s something I knew I wanted to be a part of.

Stephanie Heinrich

Who would have thought that my future Centerfold would be shot in a football locker room?

Anka Romensky

I love intelligent, positive and adventurous people.

Christi Shake

I owe it all to my mother.

Christina Santiago

I’m content with my body, and I’m not afraid to show it.

Heather Carolin

I want to live for the day and for the moment! I’ll take a chance – why not?

Lani Todd

I love to change skins – a dominatrix one day, a rodeo girl the next.

Lauren Anderson

I love being on camera and acting – it comes naturally to me!

Michele Rogers

I feel comfortable being nude.

Nicole Narain

I’m a success, and those people who were mean to me along the way can go to hell.

Serria Tawan

A good date for me is cooking dinner, sitting back on the couch and having a good time!

Shallan Meiers

If you’re human, you’re not perfect. My turn-ons are ambition and intelligence!

Teri Marie Harrison

Playboy isn’t something I’m doing just because I can. I really enjoy being photographed.

Tina Marie Jordan

My ambition is to live my life with laughter and lots of love – and to finish all the books I’ve started!

Audra Lynn

I’d love to meet an older man who’s truthful, faithful and sweet.

Carmella DeCesare

I admire people who start at the bottom and strive to make it to the top.

Charis Boyle

I’ll try anything twice, I’m not one to plan ahead.

Colleen Marie

The doctor side and the wild side. I have a few body piercings!

Deisy and Sarah Teles

Now that we’re Playmates, I plan to finish my psychology degree.

Divini Rae

I ate meat that we hunted for, berries we picked and vegetables that grew in our summer garden.

Laurie Jo Fetter

Entertaining is what I was born to do.

Luci Victoria

I was so skinny that the other kids used to call me Barbie.

Marketa Janska

Every little girl has a dream to become a princess.

Pennelope Jimenez

My ambition is to make my daddy proud!

Rebecca Ramos

You don’t have to be a skinny supermodel in your early 20s to be a Playmate.

Tailor James

I’m more interested in my career than the club scene.

Aliya Wolf

I love to go out and have a good time, but I love to stay home, too.

Cara Zavaleta

For me, sexy is wearing next to nothing. I love to wear sheer, barely-there clothes.

Colleen Shannon

For me, it’s being a Playmate and a celebrity DJ. I’m blessed to be able to do something I love.

Hiromi Oshima

I could never have been a model in Japan, I would be considered too busty.

Kimberly Holland

I had a lot of different jobs. I even did sales in a sex shop!

Krista Kelly

I caused a lot of trouble. When I’m modeling, my mind wanders.

Nicole Whitehead

My ultimate goal is to be a Learjet captain.

Pilar Lastra

I used to be anti-nudity, but Playboy does nudity the right way.

Sandra Hubby

I had never even had a pedicure! I loved being a Playmate, I hope to be a successful model and actress.

Scarlett Keegan

I don’t do games or pick-up lines!

Stephanie Glasson

I still can’t believe it. There are twelve Playmates each year, and I was chosen to be one of them.

Tiffany Fallon

I love country music, cowboy boots, good manners and integrity…oh yeah, and diamonds!

Amanda Paige

I had never modeled before. I never thought that my first shoot would be for Playboy.

Amber Campisi

I wanted to try something fun and new, so I thought, Why not?

Christine Smith

I can spend the day at the beach, and the night at a cabin in the mountains.

Courtney Rachel Culkin

No one knew that I was a Playmate, I wore sweatpants and a pair of glasses in class.

Destiny Davis

I’ll never forget the time I’ve spent with Playboy. I’ll always be Miss January 2005.

Jamie Westenhiser

I would say that I’m quiet, shy and sometimes naïve. But I like to think that I get what I want.

Jillian Grace

It was my dream to be a Playmate, and my mother sent my nude pictures to Stern on my behalf.

Kara Monaco

I was Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, you name it. I’m honored to be a part of the Playboy family.

Qiana Chase

Posing nude comes naturally to me, my mother had to beg me to wear clothes.

Raquel Gibson

A Playmate is strong and confident, and she doesn’t care what other people think.

Tamara Witmer

I’m not a talented actress, I don’t have a concrete plan. I want to do it my own way.

Vanessa Hoelsher

I have to be social for work, and being a Playmate isn’t all that different.

Alison Waite

She asked me if I was a Playmate, I said no, and she said that I should be.

Athena Lundberg

I’m named after the Greek goddess of war, I never thought that I would be a Playmate.

Cassandra Lynn

My friends call me Butterfly, because I have butterfly tattoos all over my body.

Holley Ann Dorrough

I’m Holley, and I’m your next Playmate. My pictures are on the desk in your office.

Janine Habeck

Playboy is sexy, not sexist. Playmates are beautiful and confident, and I’m proud to be one of them.

Jordan Monroe

I’m a fitness nut. I eat healthy, and I like to stay in shape.

Kia Drayton

I know I’ll always be a member of the Playboy family.

Monica Leigh

I’m glad that I took Courtney’s advice. I love being a Playmate, and I would never have done it without her.

Nicole Voss

I subscribed to Playboy as preparation. I tried to re-create the poses I saw in the magazine.

Sara Jean Underwood

One day I was a student, and the next I was Playmate of the Year. There’s no turning back now!

Sarah Elizabeth

I’ve never caught anything big, and I always throw them back.

Stephanie Larimore

I used to take my dad’s magazines and read them in the bathroom – but I never thought that it would happen to me.

Brittany Binger

I love being a Playmate. I never thought that I would have these kinds of opportunities.

Giuliana Marino

Being a Playmate in America is a lot different than it is in Germany.

Heather Rene Smith

I can do a basic tune-up. And I know how to change the fluids.

Jayde Nicole

My mom handed me an issue of Playboy and told me to go for it.

Lindsay Wagner

I’ve always wanted to be in Playboy, but I never thought it would happen to me. Dreams really do come true.

Patrice Hollis

Playboy was a big step for me, and I count my blessings every day.

Sasckya Porto

Playboy is a classy magazine, the only one I would take my clothes off for.

Shannon James

I had done a couple of bikini contests, and my best friend sent the pictures to Howard’s show.

Spencer Scott

I had braces and was rough-looking, but later I turned cute.

Tamara Sky

I like to be comfortable and usually borrow pants from my guy friends.

Tiffany Selby

I’m an experienced model, but being a Playmate is my dream job. I take the rings out when I’m modeling.

Tyran Richard

I cook and clean, and I help my mother around the house.

AJ Alexander

I’m a girly girl, but I’m a bit of a tomboy, too. I grew up on go-karts and racing games.

Grace Kim

Before I made Playmate, I was working on a book about dating.

Ida Ljungqvist

I was in total shock when they asked me to pose nude. I’m kind of a thrill seeker. Throw me in – I’ll sink or swim!

Jennifer and Natalie Jo Campbell

I was contacted by Playboy. I told them I had a twin sister, and they told me that they wanted to meet her, too.

Juliette Fretté

I can explain why a feminist would appear in Playboy: because it’s fun. It’s creative. And I feel like it.

Kayla Collins

I’ve never looked back. I wouldn’t trade being a Playmate for anything.

Kelly Carrington

The Girls Next Door changed the way she thought about my body. I thought that it looked like fun.

Laura Croft

I’m a bad girl with a good heart.

Michelle McLaughlin

I’ve never had an official valentine on Valentine’s Day.

Regina Deutinger

I’m not the type of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror, deciding what outfit to put on.

Sandra Nilsson

I’m very glad I made the decision to pose nude. So far it has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

Valerie Mason

If you can find somebody you like having sex with and love at the same time, perfect.

Candice Cassidy

I would say my biggest excitement is flying out for parties every month.

Crystal Carter Harris

I want to be a Playmate who is a good role model.

Crystal McCahill

I think every girl who has the figure for it wishes she could be a Playmate, and I’m no exception.

Dasha Astafieva

I have dreamed of being an American Playmate since I first saw the magazine.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith

I was tall and awkward. I didn’t date until I was sixteen, and I didn’t have a real boyfriend until I was 20.

Jennifer Pershing

I couldn’t believe it, one day I’m working at a mall, and the next I’m on set for Playboy.

Jessica Burciaga

I’m a total flip-flops girl. I like to have a few drinks and chill by the beach. That’s my style.

Kelley Thompson

Life is good, especially for my husband – after all, he’s married to a Playmate.

Kimberly Phillips

Playboy really changed my life. I was able to pay my debts, and I’ve been able to travel the world.

Kristina & Karissa Shannon

We want to model, act and sing – but we want to be identified as separate people.

Lindsey Gayle Evans

I’m a former Miss Louisiana Teen USA, and I’m tired of being good. Are y’all interested?

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