Playboy’s Playmates

1970 – 1979


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Playmates of The Year (PMOY)

PMoY 1971

Sharon Clark

PMoY 1972

Liv Lindeland

PMoY 1973

Marilyn Cole

PMoY 1974

Cyndi Wood

PMoY 1975

Marilyn Lange

PMoY 1976

Lillian Müller

PMoY 1977

Patti McGuire

Playmates of The Month (PMOM)

Avis Miller

Before I became a Bunny at the Playboy Club in San Francisco, I was a loan officer at a savings and loan in Tempe.

Barbara Hillary

You really feel like you’re on the edge of civilization, where things are a little dangerous.

Carol Imhof

Nobody at parochial school – especially me – would have dreamed I would become a Bunny and Playmate.

Carol Willis

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Chris Koren

I love being a Playmate because somewhere my mate is waiting; perhaps he’s a Playboy reader—I hope he is.

Debbie Ellison

I love being a Playmate because they epitomize feminine desirability and charm to the American man.

Elaine Morton

Marriage is a big, useless hassle that ends in divorce half the time.

Jennifer Liano

I don’t want to feel tied down; I want to feel free.

Jill Taylor

My biggest turnoff is when things that you have planned for a long time don’t work out

Linda Forsythe

I’m not always happy with the status quo, but I’m not about to drop out or start marching in the streets.

Mary & Madeleine Collinson

There’s really little difference in the way we think and in the things we like to do.

Sharon Clark

At this point, I just don’t know how to open the proper doors. Perhaps being honored by Playboy will help unlock a few.

Cathy Rowland

My first love is definitely cooking and keeping a comfortable atmosphere at home. I also play piano, but not often enough.

Chris Cranston

Seeing the informality of everything over there made me realize what a silly rat-race existence I’ve been leading.

Claire Rambeau

I wanted to be a Playmate because I do enjoy the posing, the money, the publicity and the personal satisfaction.

Crystal Smith

I was really involved in campus social life – the whole pompon girl, sorority-fraternity party scene.

Cynthia Hall

You enjoy it until you realize that you’re reaching the point where you’re just pretending to have a good time.

Danielle de Vabre

I was counting on finding a job as a ski instructor and figured I’d need just enough cash to get me there.

Heather Van Every

Like a lot of girls, I plan to get married and raise a family. Careers are fine for some women, but I’m not one of them.

Janice Pennington

I never admitted it because I was afraid people would consider me egotistical if I told them my ambitions.

Karen Christy

I really like the company of the other girls. My friends say I am very quiet around strangers and very loud around close friends.

Lieko English

My ideal evening would include a seafood dinner, then dancing until 2am, then a walk along the beach. Whew!

Liv Lindeland

When I heard I’d been selected Playmate of the Year, I felt proud and honored, but I didn’t really get that excited.

Willy Rey

My ideal night out would have to include some dancing and there are a lot of good rock spots here.

Carol O’Neal

I love being a Playmate because agree with the philosophy and concept behind Playboy.

Deanna Baker

I suppose the ambition of many Playmates is to model or act; the idea of having a regular career just doesn’t turn me on.

Debbie Davis

love to have fun and travel. I love to be constantly on the go, no matter what I’m doing

Ellen Michaels

I love having dinner in a posh restaurant, then dancing in a discotheque.

Lena Söderberg

I want to have a big house in Europe with a big yard and a lot of children.

Linda Summers

It’s made with organic ingredients and less sugar.

Marilyn Cole

My first reaction was that I couldn’t possibly handle the job, but now that I’m getting the hang of it, it’s turning out to be lots of fun.

Mercy Rooney

I’m currently a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles. Before that I was self-employed as a seamstress, decorator, and dancer.

P.J. Lansing Nude 13

P.J. Lansing

I’m really enjoying the life of a part-time student. Even though I’m working, there’s lots of time for pure fun.

Sharon Johansen

It just seems like everything’s rushing in at once and I love it.

Susan Miller

I just got fed up with the pace. It was nice to be in demand as a model, but I had no free time.

Vicki Peters

I’m a perfectionist and being a Virgo, that’s typical. I’m rather a shy person at times and embarrass easily.

Anulka Dziubinska

I was brought up to enjoy life rather than to fear death. And the best way I’ve found to enjoy life is to learn

Bonnie Large

I love being a Playmate because it’s about the biggest ego booster I can imagine and the excitement!

Christine Maddox

Back home, everybody knew everybody else, but here, I’d smile at people and they wouldn’t smile back. Eventually, I got used to it.

Cyndi Wood

I never dreamed, when my girlfriend sent my photograph to Playboy, that I would ever become a Playmate, let alone Playmate of the Year.

Geri Glass

I thought I would just suit up, take my little sword and rat-a-tat-tat-touché! Actually, it’s very strenuous; but super interesting, nonetheless.

Julie Woodson

I’m working hard to become the best in my two careers—modeling and acting.

Martha Smith

My weak spot is my tendency to “put it off until tomorrow.” I wish I could move at a faster pace.

Miki Garcia

I was sick of all-white beauty contests. Now that I’m better known in town, I do what I can to combat prejudice.

Monica Tidwell

I have a great passion for people. You’d be surprised at all the people I’ve met.

Phyllis Coleman

I’m not sure I could handle the pressure, but I think I’ve got as good a chance as the next woman.

Ruthy Ross

I believe in being prepared for a rainy day. Guess I’m old-fashioned that way.

Valerie Lane

When I first started doing this work, I only tried to make my customers happy.

Bebe Buell

One night, some guy with a Playboy in his hand came running up to Todd and me, pointing to a picture, screaming, ‘Is this you, Bebe? Is this you?

Carol Vitale

I couldn’t take my mind off how much I’d miss Playboy and all my free time for modeling assignments.

Ester Cordet

I love everything about flying. There’s always something new to learn.

Francine Parks

The classes are absolutely stimulating. We do a lot of encounter-group kinds of exercises.

Janice Raymond

I hope to be happy and healthy. Without those two, nothing else matters.

Jean Manson

I’m getting tired of taking my clothes off in movies. Why do people always want me to take my clothes off?

Kristine Hanson

You should know that I’m an individual who’s not afraid to express myself.

Marilyn Lange

Sex isn’t the only thing in life—but, at the same time, it’s a deeper form of communication than some people realize.

Marlene Morrow

My philosophy is to enjoy life as much as I can. I also like to dance, go to pubs and take in the London theatre.

Nancy Cameron

Of course, I’m flattered to have been chosen to be Playboy’s first double-gatefold Playmate too.

Pamela Zinszer

My boss is madly in love with me, so I can go out for a walk any time.

Sandy Johnson

My life is busy, but there’s no hassle and I don’t feel any pressure to do things just for the sake of pleasing someone.

Azizi Johari

I love being a Playmate because they said it couldn’t be done as a woman as black as I am.

Bridgett Rollins

I don’t regret anything I’ve done, and I’ve learned from everything.

Ingeborg Sorensen

The truth is that a lot of the people I’ve met out here are very artificial. I wish people here were a little more real.

Janet Lupo

My father didn’t want me to pose nude. So I told him, “I’m no virgin; I’ve been to bed with a couple of guys and there’ll be another one.”

Jill De Vries

I enjoy making love outdoors—in the grass, in a haystack, it all depends on my mood.

Laura Misch

I thought it would be awful with all those people watching me.

Lillian Müller

In Hollywood, I find so many people who are beautiful. They dress up to make undressing that much more fun.

Lynn Schiller

Sex is something I enjoy exclusively with someone I love, When I know what I want, I go after it.

Lynnda Kimball

When you model, you don’t have to be believable, only beautiful.

Mesina Miller

I happen to enjoy the way I look. So does my lover. Why deny it?

Nancie Li Brandi

I accept my body and I take great delight in seeing what it can do.

Victoria Cunningham

If I want something and it’s hard to get, but I finally get it, I usually don’t want it anymore.

Ann Pennington

If a man and a woman are living together, I don’t think she should be the one who has to clean the toilet bowl.

Daina House

I’ve always been attracted to two types of men—those with a blunt, forward line and those who are so physically attractive.

Deborah Borkman

It’s sad that people would pick up a magazine just to look between someone’s legs, when there’s so much more to appreciate about nudity.

Debra Peterson

Sex is an important part of anyone’s life; if your sex life isn’t good, you end up bitching at everyone. I enjoy sex with no qualifications.

Denise Michele

I love being a Playmate because it’s an honor. Playboy also hasn’t had a Polynesian Playmate in a long time.

Hope Olson

I like the idea of people sitting around, eating, drinking, raising hell. They’re always friendly.

Karen Hafter

There is something deeply romantic, even sensuous, about the idea of a train rushing through the night.

Laura Lyons

Our view of sexual equality is somewhat old-fashioned. We went on strike to win the right to be women.

Linda Beatty

What are my reasons for becoming a Playmate? Oh, I suppose I want to show my body to the world. To say, “Hello out there. Enjoy!”

Patricia Margot McClain

I just left a man I loved—he had everything I needed, but he wanted to keep me cooped up like an animal.

Patti McGuire

I was surprised when Playboy asked me to pose for a gatefold. But, I’m impulsive. I’ll do anything if it falls into my lap.

Whitney Kaine

I don’t particularly like the sexual-freedom-movement dictum: doing it whenever, wherever and with whomever you like.

Ashley Cox

After I do a scene, I always think of ten ways I could have done it better or differently.

Debra Jo Fondren

To me, a woman’s hair is her glory, and my long hair is my trademark. It’s what sets me apart from everyone else.

Julia Lyndon

When I go out, I make a point of meeting the person responsible for my evening’s pleasure.

Kristine Winder

I’ve never dressed to show off my body or worn seductive bathing suits or that sort of thing.

Lisa Sohm

I’m always running around the house nude and I love to make love in unusual places, mostly outdoors.

Nicki Thomas

I like to put my body into impossible positions, to stretch and flex my muscles. Each position is like a letter of the alphabet.

Rita Lee

I was afraid that maybe after all the preliminary shootings they would decide my breasts weren’t big enough…

Sheila Mullen

I’m an outgoing person who likes doing things my way. I’m open, friendly and enjoy sex.

Sondra Theodore

Hef gave me a necklace with the first two words of the title set in diamonds. So, drop the panties and there you have it—my new nickname.

Star Stowe

I flashed him—I just opened my jacket for a split second and I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Sometimes, I just love to be naughty.

Susan Lynn Kiger

If a man is old, rich and unattached, he’s a pervert. Take my word for it.

Virve Reid 2

Virve Reid

When I met this photographer and he took my test shots, I figured it was destiny that I become a Playmate.

Christina Smith

No names, no words, and then just parting, with no questions asked.

Debra Jensen

You’ve got to realize that I just turned 19. I didn’t look like this a year ago. My body is as new to me as it is to you.

Gail Stanton

I love animals. I’d like to take all of them out of humane shelters and put them on a big piece of land somewhere.

Janet Quist

I like to make love close to the water. Either on a sailboat or on a yacht. There’s something about the water that turns me on.

Janis Schmitt

The danger and roughness of sports like hockey and football really turn me on.

Karen Elaine Morton

Elaine used to baby-sit for me. If you think we’re good-looking, you should see her daughter. She’s the real Playmate in the family.

Kathryn Morrison

I’ll do anything if it’s exciting. If it’s got energy, I love it. Energy turns me on.

Marcy Hanson

There was a morality clause that said if you’d done nudity, you were unfit for television. It was ridiculous.

Monique St. Pierre

I want to open new doors for Playmates—get them involved in charity work, if possible.

Pamela Jean Bryant

My emotions are very much on the surface. That’s why I know I’ll make a good actress.

Rosanne Katon

I like men who are very quiet about their sexuality – who don’t have to knock you down with it.

Vicki Witt

If I feel something is right, I go ahead with it. I don’t examine my feelings.

Candace Collins

I can see that eventually I’m going to want to be someplace where it’s very quiet and peaceful, with children and somebody I love.

Candy Loving

Playmate Janet Lupo’s tips to girls with big breasts, one of which was “Don’t play tennis.”

Denise McConnell

I do keep things bottled inside me, but when I blow, I really blow.

Dorothy Mays

Of course, I’ll have a subscription to Playboy, so my customers will have something to read.

Dorothy Stratten

I’m basically a very shy person and I often get frustrated trying to express myself verbally.

Lee Ann Michelle

No one would hire me, because they said I didn’t have any experience. So, I took to modeling.

Louann Fernald

A lot of people think that now that I’m a Playmate, I’m going to run off to Hollywood and live happily ever after.

Michele Drake

Believe it or not, I have no sexual hang-ups whatsoever. Sexual hang-ups are for the birds.

Missy Cleveland

I’ve always had big dreams. Huge ones. I had my heart set on modeling.

Sylvie Garant

Oh, one of my boyfriends read about the hunt for the 25th Anniversary Playmate. We do read Playboy in Canada, you know.

Ursula Buchfellner

What I really want is to give and to receive affection. That is a ticket even better than the trolley fare I now can easily afford.

Vicki McCarty

I suppose that the reason is that posing nude for Playboy was just about the last thing I would ever do.

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