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1960 – 1969

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Playmates of The Year (PMOY)

PMoY 1960

Ellen Stratton

PMoY 1961

Linda Gamble

PMoY 1962

Christa Speck

PMoY 1963

June Cochran

PMoY 1964

Donna Michelle

PMoY 1965

Jo Collins

PMoY 1966

Allison Parks

PMoY 1967

Lisa Baker

PMoY 1968

Angela Dorian

PMoY 1969

Connie Kreski

Playmates of The Month (PMOM)

Ann Davis

Golfing, swimming and horseback riding.

Carol Eden

Take me away to the ballet.

Delores Wells

What I like are understanding, affection and personality.

Elaine Paul

I like gentleness, warmth, unpredictability.

Ginger Young

I’ve modeled for many record album covers.

Joni Mattis

I’m known for my work in Playboy After Dark.

Kathy Douglas

I’d like to be a movie actress. I enjoy reading mythology.

Linda Gamble

Because I’ve always enjoyed the magazine, and I’m honored to appear in it.

Sally Sarell

I have experience in being a lifeguard, swimming instructress, secretary, fashion modeling.

Stella Stevens

What I like about men are money in their pockets, hair on their chests, brains in their heads.

Susie Scott

My measurements: 37C-23-36.

Teddi Smith

I’ve been a salesgirl in an exclusive men’s shop and done publicity for a swimming pool company.

Barbara Ann Lawford

It has since become a many-splendored art form, blending agility, grace.

Christa Speck

Playboy’s readers and editors were in complete accord last year in their pick of the fetching Playmate pack.

Connie Cooper

My measurements are: 37-21-36.

Dianne Danford

I want a man who’s courteous, considerate and a gentleman. I’m tired of men who are the opposite of what I want.

Heidi Becker

I have to thank my pair of flashing green eyes and a fetching fuselage.

Jean Cannon

38-24-37 inches.

Karen Thompson

These results should prove equally delightful.

Lynn Karrol

A film contract might put an end to my skydiving diversions.

Nancy Nielsen

All good things come to those who wait.

Sheralee Conners

Unswerving gaze of thousands of female fame-and-fortune-seekers from shore to shore.

Susan Kelly

My class; the class of 36-22-35, figures to get A+ for attendance in my concentrated course in anatomy.

Tonya Crews

I could hardly be expected to hide my assets (37-22-36) under a blanket.

Avis Kimble

I will never go out of fashion.

Jan Roberts

As a Bunny, I’m already leading a show biz kind of life.

June Cochran

I have the title of Miss Indiana in this year’s Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Kari Knudsen

I definitely do not dig over-egoed guys who call me “honey” at first sight.

Laura Young

My only requirement in men is that they be fun to be with. I can’t stand fellows with moody or sleepy personalities.

Marya Carter

I have high hopes of eventually making a big splash in showbiz.

Merissa Mathes

I love exotic food, ghost towns and windy nights.

Merle Pertile

My particular outboard assets (38-22-34) can hardly be muffled the way they’re arranged.

Mickey Winters

I love relaxing in the hay.

Pamela Anne Gordon

My cantilevered construction (39-23-35) receives the warmest reception of all.

Roberta Lane

I’m a secretary for a lingerie manufacturer in the garment district of New York.

Unne Terjesen

Nothing depresses me more than sobersided types who can’t give or take a joke.

Adrienne Moreau

I’m terribly unrealistic — I want to become a great actress, and travel extensively, and marry a wise, decisive man.

Carrie Enwright

I am a very healthy, well-adjusted, fun-loving kind of girl.

Christine Williams

I was always the tallest and gawkiest girl in my class.

Connie Mason

It’s all about sacrificing beautiful young virgins to Egyptian deities.

Donna Michelle

When it finally gives way, maybe we’ll begin to understand, accept and, who knows, even rejoice in our sexual identities.

Judi Monterey

The ones with the saddest eyes always win.

Phyllis Sherwood

Unlike a lot of girls I know, I’m totally unimpressed by bold, brash, dynamic types.

Sandra Settani

Just call me the original disorganization girl.

Sharon Cintron

I like portraits best, probably because I like people. The yoga bit is recent. I haven’t achieved spiritual well-being from it yet — just a sore neck.

Terre Tucker

Some day I may have to work steadily.

Toni Ann Thomas

I enjoy it. You might say it’s part of growing up.

Victoria Valentino

I should laugh it off, I know, as being the way the world is. But I can’t — my hopes are always too high.

Ashlyn Martin

I’m attracted to bright lights and sports cars.

Astrid Schulz

The fun ones — honest and outgoing guys who show me a happy time.

China Lee

I’d like to be a professional singer someday — but I’m not counting on it, so if no one discovers me I won’t be disappointed.

Jo Collins

I’m so happy I feel like running out and giving everyone who voted for me a hug and a kiss.

Kai Brendlinger

I was the original shy and retiring type.

Lori Winston

I’m quite a cocinera when it comes to chili and tortillas.

Melba Ogle

A few years ago I dated a butcher, and he got me interested in the meat business.

Nancy Jo Hooper

It occurred to me that no one from Playboy would ever find me here on his own.

Nancy Scott

Though I’m sometimes busier than I’d like to be, I find time to enjoy paintings, men and Manhattan.

Rosemarie Hillcrest

I knew I had the wherewithal to be a Playmate, but I was hesitant to travel all the way to America.

Sharon Rogers

I sometimes think I’m just not getting enough sleep. I hate to snooze too much.

Terri Kimball

And when I told them I’d been chosen May Playmate, they were totally overwhelmed.

Allison Parks

I love being a Playmate because what could be more exciting than being a Playmate?

Dinah Willis

Is there any chance of a small-town girl who doesn’t know any important professional photographers… becoming a Playmate?

Gay Collier

I’ve already put my Playmate-photo prize money in a special oversees ‘ballerina-or-bust’ savings account.

Hedy Scott

I love being a Playmate because of the glamour and excitement!

Jennifer Jackson

I’m only sorry there aren’t more hours in the day. There are so many things I want to do, and so little time to do them.

Jessica St. George

By the time I reached eighth grade, I already had a number of years of ballet and tap lessons behind me. I’ve never had any doubts that it would be a dancer’s life for me.

Lannie Balcom

I enjoyed being a Bunny, but when I found out the magazine was looking for an editorial receptionist, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

Maria McBane

I’ve already picked out an eighteen-foot day sailor to buy with the money I receive from my Playmate appearance. I’m so excited about it.

Pat Russo

I love being a Playmate because honestly, I need the money! I’m a typical female when it comes to clothes. My eyes are a lot bigger than my bank account.

Patti Reynolds

I may be able to combine business with pleasure by working my way up into international riding competitions.

Sally Duberson

Everyone should dance a little. It’s a great way to have fun and keep in shape at the same time.

Sue Williams

Being a Playmate is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. I wasn’t really sure I was the right type.

Dianne Chandler

I love Playboy and I’m still amazed and so honored to have been chosen to be a Playmate.

Dolly Read

He asked me if I would like to consider becoming a Playmate, the first-ever English Playmate.

Judy Tyler

I love being a Playmate because I think Playboy is an intellectually stimulating magazine. Of course, I also love modeling and the attention.

Karla Conway

Rock-‘n’-roll music really does something to me. My feet get all tingly when the beat begins.

Kelly Burke

“If I could, I would become more daring like I was during my Playboy photoshoot. If I could be like that all the time, I could do great things.

Linda Moon

I’ve always loved animals. My bunny’s name is Tuffs, and he’s sort of a Playboy in his own right.

Lisa Baker

I had been so afraid of getting my hopes up. I just kept telling everyone ‘we’ll have to wait and see’ and now this. I can’t believe I’m Playmate of the Year!

Melinda Windsor

With the money I’ve received for my Playmate appearance, I’m now able to give my undivided attention to the pursuit of a sheepskin.

Priscilla Wright

I guess I’m luckier than a lot of kids from so-called happy homes whose parents never took time to help them with any of their teenage growing pains.

Susan Bernard

I really don’t care where we go, as long as I’m with someone I like.

Susan Denberg

I like dancing, sunbathing, attending car races, relaxing and swimming at the beach. All Nordic women are secretly in love with the sun.

Tish Howard

Anyone who tells you that girls love to gossip is absolutely right.

Angela Dorian

Important as my career is to me, I’m a woman first. I like to think of myself as being open to the world, brimming with love and music.

Anne Randall

I don’t like to analyze it, but I know I have to be an actress. It’s a very compulsive thing—when I’m acting, I’m happy. When I’m not, I’m miserable.

DeDe Lind

Posing for Playboy broadened my mind and helped me as a person. I like my life the way it is now.

Fran Gerard

As an Aries, I’m under the planet Mars which means I have a great deal of natural courage, a love of pioneering, testing, experimenting, and investigating.

Gwen Wong

I’ll admit it — I’d like to get married. I want to have a home with a family.

Heather Ryan

My perfect man would be someone like Lawrence of Arabia—without the hang-ups. He cannot have long hair, though. That’s one of my turnoffs.

Joey Gibson

If I want to exercise outdoors and it’s raining, I’ll put on a bikini and run around the block a couple of times.

Kaya Christian

My ideal evening includes dinner at Scandia, night cruise to Catalina and greeting the milkman in the morning.

Kim Farber

I’d always wanted to be a Playmate, but once I got settled in my Theater Bunny routine, I never thought I’d get closer.

Lynn Winchell

Being a Playmate still seems like a beautiful dream—and if it is, I’m not anxious to wake up.

Reagan Wilson

Besides being fun, riding is the best way to keep in shape of my all-natural 40D boobs.

Surrey Marshe

I had never heard of Playboy before, but now, I’m a Bunny at the Playboy Club in New York City and Playmate of the Month.

Britt Fredriksen

When I first arrived in the States, I worked first at a Nordic-style restaurant on a lake in Minnesota. That’s where I heard about Playboy.

Connie Kreski

Being a Playmate, beginning an acting career and now getting elected Playmate of the Year—it’s all happened so quickly that it doesn’t seem real to me.

Cynthia Myers

I was so impressed by the people I met when I visited the Playboy Mansion. That I wanted more than ever to be a Playmate.

Dru Hart

Without making a big thing out of it, I guess I do try to groove to the fun side of life as much as possible.

Elizabeth Jordan

Most people don’t realize how difficult and exhausting it is to hold a single pose for the better part of an hour, but every model does.

Gale Olson

I’m a conservative, but I think every girl who has the figure for it wishes she could be a Playmate, and I’m no exception.

Gaye Rennie

What I do want is to follow up my Playmate appearance with more modeling.

Majken Haugedal

Like most models, I’m a natural ham at heart; give me a wig and I just have to mug.

Melodye Prentiss

I love being a Playmate because the Playmate ideal expresses a healthy perspective toward nudity and sex. I really enjoy working at Playboy.

Michelle Hamilton

I sometimes fantasize myself into great movies, such as Doctor Zhivago and Blow-Up, but I do recognize the realities of life.

Nancy Harwood

My ambitions have always been to have the freedom to do what I want and for my ideas never to become old-fashioned.

Paige Young

My weak spot is my desire to be alone, it’s probably selfish.

Claudia Jennings

In all honesty, being a Playmate hasn’t really changed me very much.

Debbie Hooper

I love being a Playmate because I believe the human form is a beautiful thing and I am proud of it.

Gloria Root

My friends know that I’m young, sexy, somewhat intellectual woman who hate parties, love teachers, enjoys money.

Helena Antonaccio

My folks were as happy as I was when I became a Bunny. And now to be a Playmate, too—I’m sure glad I didn’t get that wig-modeling job.

Jean Bell

I was the first black woman to enter the Miss Texas Pageant.

Kathy MacDonald

My ambitions are to model and act. But, I’d also like a good husband and children—but not for years.

Leslie Bianchini

I spend an embarrassing amount of money on clothing, but I’m crazy about the new fashions.

Lorna Hopper

In ancient times, the purpose of clothes wasn’t to hide nudity, but to decorate the body and we should never allow ourselves to forget that.

Lorrie Menconi

Cooking and sleeping out, sailing, swimming—really most all activities in or around the water—that’s my kind of life.

Nancy McNeil

At first I thought they were putting me on, but it turned out they were really on the level.

Sally Sheffield

I love being a Playmate because it’s a financially rewarding means to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies!

Shay Knuth

I’m a Bunny at the Playboy resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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