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Give a warm welcome to Stefanie Knight, a model from small-town Ontario, Canada. She’s petite – 5’3” – and all natural, with dark brown hair and moss-green eyes. “I was raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario,” says Stefanie. “Not many people know where that is. It was a great place to grow up, but now that I’m a model, I’m ready to go a little bigger.” As for her modeling career, it’s no surprise that Miss Knight’s star is on the rise – she’s been blessed with a heavenly body, and it’s all topped with a pair of the most beautiful natural breasts. “I go to the gym every day,” she says. “I work hard for my body. And you know, a lot of people think my boobs are fake, but trust me – they’re real.” Real, indeed – Stefanie is the genuine article, and there’s no more natural specimen for the pages of Playboy.

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