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Meet Leighla Habib, a model, and photographer from New Jersey. “I am courageous and confident,” says Leighla of herself. “I am tiny on the outside but so loud and proud on the inside.” We met Leighla recently and knew she would be an excellent fit for Playboy Plus. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance? That I’m a model,” she laughs. “My passion is modeling because I’ve always been so shy around people, but the second the camera turns on, I transform into a completely different person, and I love her!” Leighla first discovered Playboy through TV. “I was around 12 years old,” she says. “I used to watch the show, ‘The Girls Next Door,’ all the time and want to live in the house with all the other girls!” Now, many years later, Leighla is proud to be a part of the brand. “Playboy means sexy, strong women that aren’t afraid of being sexy and strong,” she shares. “I am truly blessed and honored.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Leighla outside. “I love taking my dog to the park, [having] a beach day, and just enjoying nature,” she shares.

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