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Leanna Decker will have you seeing red – especially in a little black dress. She’s voluptuous, with full curves and pale, creamy skin, scattered with freckles in all the right places. Her green eyes are framed with thick lashes, and under her long mane of red hair, she’s got three four-leaf clovers tattooed on her back for a bit of Irish luck – not like she needs it. Once a shy kid from a beach town in South Carolina (“My best friend was my brother,” she admits), the unpretentious Leanna has grown into her full potential. These days she calls Ashland, Kentucky her home, and she’s beautiful inside and out. You’re just as likely to find her on the back of a four-wheeler or jet-ski – or behind a rifle on the shooting range – as you are to find her shopping with the girls. “I’m not afraid to get dirty,” she says playfully. “Anything outside is fun for me.”

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