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Amateur Alyssa Michelle is pretty hard to miss. She’s 5’7”, with bright blue eyes, long hair dyed a radiant red, and a proliferous pair of D cups. “I’m irresistible – and unforgettable,” she says, and we don’t doubt her for a minute. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Alyssa spent four recent years in Oahu, Hawaii. “As amazing as it is there, Phoenix will always be my home,” she says. These days she’s living in nearby Bullhead City, Arizona, where she’s a licensed as an aesthetician and an insurance agent. “I’m always changing my mind, wanting to do something different,” she says. “But hey, what’s life if you’re not living it the way you want?” Alyssa is living her life exactly the way she wants. “I love the outdoors,” she says excitedly.

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