Teela LaRoux – Adventurous Firecracker nude for Playboy

Teela LaRoux – Adventurous Firecracker

Playmate, Teela LaRoux is doing anything and everything she can to live life to the fullest. “I’m a hardworking, goofy, adventurous firecracker — a free spirit creating the life I’ve always envisioned,” says our Miss July 2019.

Teela LaRoux

“My boyfriend and I are adrenaline junkies. Life is short; we want to do everything we desire, because tomorrow, tonight, we may not be here. We’re going out of this world doing as many of the things we want as we can,” she says. Coming to Playboy from Seattle and now based in Los Angeles, Teela LaRoux is a woman of the world. She started modeling in her teens and just after high school, she was already living abroad, making a name for herself in Europe. “I graduated from high school at 16 and was offered a four-year scholarship to college, but I gave it up to travel the world,” she says. “I had to grow up pretty quickly, but I learned more abroad than I ever could have in school.” After everything she’s experienced, Teela is focused on helping other models in the industry by being a body-positive influence. “The industry definitely took its toll. I went through a 10-year eating disorder. Discovering holistic healing and nutrition helped me love myself and my body,” she explains. “Right now my passion lies in helping others.”

Teela LaRoux heats up the summer even more in her gorgeous pictorial as our Miss July 2019. On the set of a rooftop with the photographer, Ana Dias, this July Playmate tells us about her work, experiences, beliefs, and much more. “I’m a hardworking, goofy, adventurous firecracker — a little free spirit creating the life I’ve always envisioned,” she says. A Seattle native, Teela now lives in Los Angeles but has also spent some time abroad. “After I started modeling I moved to Paris and fell in love with the city,” she tells us. “I stayed there for years. It was a beautiful way to learn and grow into adulthood.” When it comes to posing for us, Teela was thrilled. “Modeling for Playboy? I never in a million years thought it would happen for me! I love what the brand is doing now: the vision is much more inclusive and progressive. My experience on set was the best in all my 16 years of modeling,” she says. For Teela, posing nude is a form of self-love. “[It] can be a vulnerable experience, but at the same time it can be empowering,” she says. “I felt strong. I felt beautiful. I didn’t realize I could feel so much love for myself in doing [a nude shoot.]” See just what she’s talking about, right here, now on Playboy Plus!

Teela LaRoux – Adventurous Firecracker nude for Playboy

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