Ruthy Ross – Playboy Bunny nude for Playboy

Ruthy Ross – Playboy Bunny

For Ruthy Ross, Playboy Bunny, ex-drama major, would-be actress and apprentice photographer, it’s been quite a year. Quite a 16 months, as a matter of fact.

Ruthy Ross

It all started back in February 1972, when she was chosen to represent her fellow cottontails from the Los Angeles Playboy Club at the annual Bunny Beauty Contest. That event, a lavish pageant at the Playboy Club-Hotel at Great Gorge, New Jersey, took place in March.

Twenty-one girls – the pick of Playboy’s hutches throughout the world – competed, and when it was all over, Ruthy Ross had won the title Bunny of the Year – 1972. “‘Surprised’?” she recalls. “I didn’t think I had a chance. No sleep the night before the finals. Thought I looked a wreck, but apparently – and luckily – the judges didn’t agree.”

Ruthy Ross – Playboy Bunny nude for Playboy

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