Playboy Features – Playmate Bloopers nude for Playboy

Playboy Features – Playmate Bloopers

They may look flawless on camera, but behind the scenes our centerfolds occasionally encounter the less-than-perfect aspects of live filming – with hilarious results. Enjoy these amusing (and arousing) pranks and blunders, caught on tape.

Alana Soares Tina Bockrath Patti McGuire Erika Eleniak Cheryl Bachman Sheila Mullen Wendy Hamilton Carol Ficatier Lisa Matthews Pia Reyes Anna Nicole Smith Wendy Kaye Kymberly Paige Karin Taylor Justine Greiner Katherine Hushaw Pamela Saunders Lynda Wiesmeier Rebecca Ferratti Susan Lynn Kiger Tawnni Cable Melissa Evridge Peggy McIntaggart Julie Lynn Cialini
Playboy Features – Playmate Bloopers nude for Playboy

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