Phyllis Coleman – Seductive Playmate nude for Playboy

Phyllis Coleman – Seductive Playmate

“I take the attitude that he’s more likely to be killed driving on the freeway than on a race track with professional drivers,” says Phyllis Coleman of David Cormany, her man and her boss, a promising young driver on the Trans-American racing circuit.

Phyllis Coleman

For many years she studied for a ballet career, but when Cormany bought one of actor James Garner’s Corvettes and decided to try for the pro circuit, 23-year-old Phyllis Coleman took over the publicity for his team.

She didn’t realize she was getting into what turned out to be a round-the-clock routine, but her love of the sport – and her fondness for Cormany – makes it rewarding. “David and I match up on and off the track,” says Phyllis, who lived in New York and Illinois before settling in California.

Phyllis Coleman – Seductive Playmate nude for Playboy

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