Geri Glass – Ph.D. In English nude for Playboy

Geri Glass – Ph.D. In English

The Cal State campus in Los Angeles is a nice, quiet place for 25,000 kids to study, and Geri Glass seems to blend in easily. She’s there to learn, and she talks earnestly about the Ph.D. in English that she plans to get.

Geri Glass

Geri Glass to teach on the college level (she likes to picture herself running a class and promises, “I’ll be rough”). She also mentions the extra degree – in law – that she might go after, just for fun, “and to get my juris doctorate.”

But while Geri moves with the crowd on campus, she’s a loner away from it. She grew up that way because wherever she lived, she knew she wouldn’t be there long enough to make any lasting friendships.

Geri Glass – Ph.D. In English nude for Playboy

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