Anulka Dziubinska – Good Karma nude for Playboy

Anulka Dziubinska – Good Karma

It’s not for everyone. We all like to talk about being free, but it’s a long way there and usually a quick look is all we get. Anulka Dziubinska seems to have found her own answer: mobility.

Anulka Dziubinska

For Anulka Dziubinska, it’s not a matter of finding freedom; the looking for it is what counts – and what keeps you free. Born and raised near the Irish Sea in Preston, Lancashire, she says of her childhood, “I was brought up to enjoy life rather than to fear death. And the best way I’ve found to enjoy life is to learn. People, cultures, languages, places – the best education is traveling.”

Since she was 15 she has traveled most of the Western world, living at times in London, Madrid, Bilbao and Hamburg, stopping off for lengthy stays in Italy, France and the United States. She also spent some time in Munich, where Pompeo Posar first photographed her for Playboy’s The Girls of Munich (August 1972). And along the way she’s done more than just modeling.

Anulka Dziubinska – Good Karma nude for Playboy

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