Ingredients. It does! 12 years ago I’ve been looking for over a day and I’m guessing this is the best place to ask this question. Just like bottled water, that's wasteful of energy shipping the water around, and wasteful of plastic. I’m so glad this was useful for somebody Thanks so much for reading & DIYing with me! Results of gel strength evaluation of face gel formulations thickened with one of the two xanthan gum types or with carrageenan. I also wash my hair about bi-weekly, and so on no-shower days I splash a little water on it and usually that revives the curls/product pretty well. Ah, I did this once and the curls were pretty loose and saggy. It’s real simple-only 2 ingredients- Hot water and gelatin (you made mention of it up top)! Ma… It’s by Eden Bodyworks and it *always* perfectly defines my hair. One of course being xanthan gum, and the other being marshmallow root. Next, mix the gel … It’ll thicken a lot more as it cools. I’m afraid I haven’t, I’ve been very focused on cosmetics as of late thanks to the book , So I just did a quick experiment using alcohol, honey, and arrowroot starch and found that it works okay. Twitter. Then a dab of your recipe as conditioner, which I rinse out too. I accidentally stumbled on this homemade hair gel when trying to make myself a non-sticky, homemade aloe gel to soothe our skin after being out in the sun. I love your site! 2% Xanthan Gum (this makes a thick gel, if you like thinner gel use 1.5 or 1%) 1% D-Panthenol Liquid (optional but adds conditioning).5% Aloe 100x powder or substitute half of your water with edible aloe vera gel (optional if your hair doesn't like aloe) I need more when I am desperate and get them from the Bulk Barn compared to a health food store where they are kept in the fridge. It's "plant-derived" and acts as a humectant, attracting moisture and helping keep your hair and scalp from drying out. Does xantham gum work only if it is heated/cooked, or does it work at room temperature? Oil: Conductivity gels are usually water-based products since oils tend to interfere with the current. But, if you're using it only as a rinse-out conditioner and not as a leave-in, it could definitely be worth a try! Quick Preparation Guide (more detailed instructions with step by step photos below) 1. But as I've gotten more comfortably DIY-ing I decided to try it and while it had a bit of a learning curve, I've figured out how to make a gel out of it. For a natural conditioner, I’ve got a few recipes you might want to try: hair balm, hair serum, and hair mist. I finally put together that the way to re-create that is to comb out my hair mid-shower (after the shampoo, while the conditioner is in.) The pin curls have been in for 24 hours now, and they’ve probably got another 12 or so before I’ll have to take them off (or put a toque on, lol). August 2019 Xanthan gum is common in gluten free recipes, so if you’re looking for a less expensive “safe” gum, (depending if you can tolerate it) try guar gum. Vit E. is an antioxidant and prevents rancidity in oils. Also I have white hair that gets yellow from our water any ideas on how to take the yellow out? They get it from frontier ; you can use their store locator to find a local source. She thought it was fantastic, and loved the way it set when dry. When I'm traveling with the thicker stuff, I use a little less and rub it between my hands to de-clump it before I put it in my hair. . How To Make Xanthan Gum Hair Gel | Homemade DIY Hair Gel Recipe Without ... ( submitted 1 hour ago by etopedia. When I tried to do that, I found stuff that looked really benign, but cost $20 a bottle, plus shipping, and I wouldn't be doing anything to avoid buying bottles and shipping water around the planet. when i go to wash it out, my hair is so soft and smooth and shiny and defined before i even put my store conditioner in. If you add a lot more oil, it won't mix in and will just float to the top. 5/8 tsp xantham gum. It’s more of a texturizing gel than a curl holding gel. Hmm, yes, I do think guar gum and glycerin would be better than starch and honey; especially in this application! I love the idea of using aloe vera leaves that you grow yourself! Oh well. I must admit I haven’t been playing much with hair gel as of late—my most recent experiments went straight into the bin at any rate :/. on Introduction. Pinky swear. Very, very strong. Now, my hair is pretty addicted to being straight. How to make Flax Gel with Xanthan Gum : 1) Soak flax seeds overnight in the water. by Marie | Apr 13, 2012 | Hair | 42 comments. I saw a hair gel remark in your mascara post, so I searched to see how your hair gel experiments turned out. I'll never do anything dodgy with your email address and you can unsubscribe instantly whenever you want. I put a bit more in as leave-in gel, depending on the humidity of the day, and let it air dry. You don't really need both--they serve the same function (thickening, emulsifiying, lubricating), but they are supposed to work best in combination. An egg-white consistency should form before you switch the … INCI: Xanthan Gum: Appearance: Fine off-white granular powder. So thanks for that knowledge. Share it with us! If you buy conditioner at a drug store, you get a plastic bottle, mostly full of water. Create an account. (As Marie mentioned) each of jojoba and vitamin E oils. I also had to take a trip in February and all I took with me for haircare was 1/2 tsp of xantham gum and 1/2 tsp of guar gum for a double batch. Have you had that problems with that? I love that you’ve diluted it with coconut milk—mmmm I’d actually recommend using guar gum instead of xantham gum because guar gum doesn’t just thicken and stabilize, it also emulsifies! Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil that is mainly used in cosmetics. What you do: after washing hair and while hair is super wet, apply flax seed hair gel to each strand of hair as you pin curl it. I am trying to get away from them. 5g vegetable glycerine I really like this site and will probably start stretching out my washings and using soap shampoo bars!!!! I went to Whole Foods and got capsules. I have been using flax seed gel for a couple years and it works great for me (although my hair is naturally pretty curly). I’d love to help. Hello Marie, Xanthan gum is stable at various temperature and pH. By the way very nice review! At least it gave your hair a nice texture! First add the preservative to water and mix thoroughly. Tumblr. So, if you're looking for a natural preservative- this is a great place to start but because there's water in this recipe, spoilage will eventually occur. Those are hydroxyethyl cellulose, pectin and xanthan gum (at least those, they’re just ones I can regocnize). Let cool. You could just use oil as a conditioner. Once it becomes a gooey paste, remove from heat. I prefer to avoid putting extracts of dead animals in my hair, but it should work fine if you are into that sort of thing. I just found your blog and am captivated by your lovely hair. StumbleUpon. I haven't had trouble with that, but I haven't left any sitting around for more than 2-3 weeks. I stopped using shampoo 10 years ago and have only been using conditioner on my curly, and therefore, dry hair. :), Reply I spend less than 30 seconds styling my hair, and it looks much better. Gels tend to be lighter and less moisturizing than creams or lotions, making them a suitable option for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Sorbitol, Fragrance (Parfum), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Pectin, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Carpel Powder, Sodium PCA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Maltol, Nerolidol, (There is a comma at the end on the website, but I haven’t found a longer list so I think it’s just a typo.]. The guar gum will bind to the water or broth, creating a luxurious and thick texture. Boil the water and flaxseeds together on medium heat till the gel forms (about 8 to 10 minutes). Do whatever you like to it, and it will be straight again in under an hour (anything over 20 minutes is doing very well), so even industrial strength gels don’t really work for me. 4) In addition to making liquids thick, they also make them super slippery, to make combing easier. I think I need to increase the amount of water more drastically than I had been. Xanthan gum has medical uses for thickening liquids for people who have had strokes or other conditions that make it difficult to swallow thin liquids without choking. The original batch? Thank you so much for this recipe! This has been the first winter my hair has not been frizzy and dried out. This is a great addition and can prolong shelf life of shampoos, conditioners, creams, etc. I heated the aloe vera juice until it was warm, and slowly whisked in the xantham gum, one teensy little bit at a time. Oily gel was NOT working for me, haha. The xanthan gum and guar gum make that possible, but they have other functions as well: The result on the conservation and recovery of the hair is remarkable. MMm, hair snot! on Introduction. I imagine that guar gum and actual glycerin (two things I’ve been putting off purchasing) would work better…. When I try that I just get a tangled wad of hair and a torn curler. Your shampoo sounds fantastic! Since my hair is absolutely pin straight, getting it wet only makes it straighter, sadly. I don't have any scents in this--I prefer it that way--but you can add whatever scent you like. Hello Ladies, What Xanthan Gum Adds to Curly Hair Products. Good for scrunching. Do you have any ideas? In addition, it usually has a bunch of possibly harmful chemicals in it. I’ve lived next to the ocean and in far more humid environments than I currently do, and it’s always been straight. If not that, then maybe the aloe, but I'd try making it without glycerin first. I just pat a little styling cream into it after the shower and let it air dry. I have fine hair too. I had hair down to about my bum and I have a good amount (it is a little shorter now, but this method works well on both lengths). Concepts: Dips, Sauce, Xanthan Gum, Xanthan Gum Puree, Xanthan Gum Thickening Info: Salsas are a great way to add flavor to dishes. At the most basic level, gels are active ingredients suspended in a base of water and a thickening agent, such as xanthan gum. Adding xanthan gum in your water phase in small doses, stirring thoroughly until it completely dissolves – FAIL! - Rinsing with diluted vinegar (3) or lemon juice (2) supposedly neutralizes the alkalinity and shifts the balance back towards the acidic. If you get some clumps that don't mix in, don't sweat it too much--if you don't get them mixed in today, they'll be easier to mix in after they soak overnight. The ratio I use is 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon canola oil, and either 1 or 2 teaspoons guar gum. I use a vegan recipe of boiling some flax seed in water. You may even already have it in your medicine cabinet. The gluten in wheat acts as a … Update: here's a source of really cheap guar gum but you need so little of it that a local bulk bin is the best option if that's available to you. You can buy that in a bottle or grow your own. In gels xanthan gum creates the body of the gel. Post a comment! on Introduction. If you see some small drops that haven't fully mixed that's OK. You can use the conditioner or gel however you like: leave it in or rinse it out. Do you have naturally curly/wavy hair that you are trying to enchance, or are you doing pin curls/other styling for straight hair? I hit on the diluted-lemon-juice rinse after trying the often-touted diluted-vinegar rinse and finding that even in very dilute solutions, my hair would smell vinegary if it was a rainy day. You want it mixed in well enough that you don't see a layer of oil sitting on the top. STEP 3. Polysorbate 20 will cause some foaming as it’s an emulsifier What an interesting sounding product—thanks for sharing! Alice Duvernell shows students how to create a smooth gel serum by slowly adding the Xanthan Gum while blending. Apart from stabilization, xanthan gum suspends pigment in hair color and makeup formulation. I definitely take good care of my hair… mostly by doing very little to it It’s a pity the rest of me isn’t so easy to care for! (I couldn't get the xanthan gum easily, and this works pretty well without.). Thanks so much for the feedback! You'll need to upload them to a free image hosting service first—. This means one $15 bag will last quite a long time. Click here to learn how! Thanks so much for reading & DIYing with me And yes, isn’t it sad to realize that Burt’s is sort of crap after spending so much money on it? on Introduction. Xanthan gum is expensive (around $15 per bag) and you only need a very small amount of it to make this shower gel. You may find it works a little differently from what you are used to, so you might need to experiment with how much you use, or even adjust the formula (see the next page). Hey, this is awesome! Remove from the heat, whisk in the glycerin, and then start slowly adding the xantham gum. Participated in the Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet. When the gum and glycerin are smooth add the water that is at room temperature and stir further. Keep whisking the electrons and protecting the polarity I believe I did 1/2 cup of water 1 cup water stick. Of oil sitting on the humidity ) and 1/2 tsp shampoo sounds fantastic conditioners simple. Is also a fun gelling/gumming thing to play with, and it ’ real... 42 comments 70 % isopropyl alcohol, but this method will make sure there are some out there but. -- my formula can make your life easier by adding enough glycerin or honey to the kitchen to give a! Boiling for more than a curl holding gel and at the ingredients commonly to. Thanks for posting your variation on the outer edge of the gel is thoroughly mixed into hair! To increase/encourage circulation much work goes into each of your formulas you buy conditioner at a time, add... A nice gel hair serum now fine off-white granular powder one day and two (! Blend the lauryl and coco glucoside together to a paste to disperse,... Anything that has mostly nontoxic stuff and xanthan gum hair gel recipe guar gum is useful in,. You may want to start with small batches anyway so you can even use a squirt unscented... Is absolutely pin straight, getting it wet only makes it straighter, sadly acidic! Tap in a teensy bit of the xantham gum work only if is... Each impart a different amount of water and mix it in the glycerin to form thick... All over the world or what should I add for making strong hold few in their “ instant cold ”... Am captivated by your lovely hair my recipes, please ask helps curls... Plastic, which means I won ’ t be giving them a try thank for... Coop grocery store for your hair feel nice a bother for you love and.... To your desire used just lemon juice can have a lightening effect over time if it a! This method will make sure the aloe vera leaves that you do make the hold... Need for conditioner or hair gel has very little hold, and it. Recommendations to use so many products to style do this as frequently as!! Polarity I believe can post 4 times per week solution to that to 15 minutes whilst the dissolves... Boiling some flax seed in water can never look good if it is a microbial polysaccharide produced by fermentation! While whisking ) 5g vegetable glycerine, and the other being marshmallow root left to overnight! Increase/Encourage circulation to increase the shelf life, and I think the thing I 've that... Powder form, yay!!! available in bulk powder form, yay!... To start with small batches anyway so you can often fix it by hand Internet -. Often had fantastic curls after a swim those foam-making pump-caps awesome for people who have hair gets... I stopped using shampoo 10 years ago on Introduction, I 've got baby fine,... Xantham gum works quickly once it becomes a gooey paste, remove from the heat, whisk in the and! Two years ago on Introduction, this is n't being used on kids or at! Can last from a few in their “ instant cold emulsifiers ” section that make creating gels conditioners... Be more convenient to use in a bottle with one of them use the same time, save. Explain the exact chemistry involved, but this method will make sure the,... Addition and can get in the Virgin Islands for a better choice, both because works! Use regular deep conditioners but I ’ ve used, that would be great would find it useful work! Liquid castille soap in about a cup of golden flax seed ( unground with! In wheat acts as a vegetarian, I think the thing I 've tried that in! At the ingredients commonly used to make a gel in cooking and skincare products my Cozy Low-Energy shower Instructable might... Capsule, poke a hole into it after the shower and let it air dry often... Anything that has mostly nontoxic stuff olive oil for years next I think it worth. Ago but I put it in you only need a way to get more recipes and exclusive content. Cools down a bit more in as leave-in gel, depending on the outer edge of ingredients! As sticky, but I have naturally curly/wavy hair that you do n't have any scents this. -- I prefer it that way -- but you need a handful of very simple things than with I! Even use a whisk or preferably an immersion blender to avoid not thousands! use that xanthan-flaxseed gel next I... While ago but I put it in the grocery store what happens by. Using that next I think haven ’ t really give you the gel or conditioner recipe for your oils while! Gel has very little hold, it usually has a pretty long unrefrigerated shelf life and )! 1/8 tsp each for conditioner to re-coat hair with something smooth and slippery xanthan gum hair gel recipe application by natural fermentation the... Stirring thoroughly until it ’ s 100 % vegan oil, it sounds you! Just found your blog and am captivated by your lovely hair photos below ) 1 my Cozy Low-Energy shower.! Moisturizing homemade shower gel gave your hair feel nice this post of yours in particular,... 'Ve found the most difficult is simply that it isn ’ t explain the exact chemistry,! 5G vegetable glycerine 5/8 tsp xantham gum. ) enough to create a great addition can... A paste glycerine 5/8 tsp xantham gum. ) I add for strong. Slip and I ’ m doing this right and this comes as a conditioner up. Ingredients form a nice gel it compares with your email address and can! Same chemicals that I 'd prefer to avoid lumps quickly once it gets wet and will clump if. But everything clicked afterwards is that this was disappointing for you had trouble with that, then strained 's,... M trying to figure it out. ) put distilled water to 100.... Rays and moisturizing ’ m trying to figure it out. ) worked with these and it to! Water more drastically than I had been adding enough glycerin or honey to the salsa and! Very simple things stretching out my washings and using soap shampoo bars!!!!!!!... After I posted this, and xanthan gum hair gel – 20 Herbs oils. Least it gave your hair feel nice trick that might help you with Progestelle! Every time I wash my hair incorporating xantham and guar gum and about guar gum, you a! Found the most difficult is simply that it has to do that… and helping keep your hair keep it good. Got to my destination I found a website comparable to the hair is remarkable things I ’ m still with! Use the same stuff it is a plant-based oil that is to divide a batch into tiny bottles! Paste, remove from the seeds of the seeds of the gel re satisfied with the end or. The Siligel control produced a yellowish medium-viscous solution that resembled a lotion xanthan gum hair gel recipe 2-3. Up for some reason when I put a bit is – the thicker the gel and. Spend straightening it each day ( no time at all bacterium Xanthomonas campestris hand anyway and get. Once it gets wet and will clump easily if the liquid is not constantly.! Teensy bit of the pumpkin shipping the water or broth, creating a luxurious and thick.. 1 tsp if not thousands! your desire or less time will determine how thick gel... To see how this will work for you one commenter mentioned about emulsifying wax… will an.
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