Magi Teneva in Playboy Bulgaria

#Free Nude Galleries - 2020-11-26 10:23

Coming to Playboy Plus from Eastern Europe is Playmate Magi Teneva—a long and lean beauty with a background in dance. “I’m a dancer so I like my legs the most,” says the brown-eyed international model as she demonstrates her flexibility for the camera. “I absolutely love my body—it’s why I walk around naked when I’m home and why I posed for Playboy Bulgaria.” From the dance studio to photographer Ivailo Stanev’s set, rhythm in motion makes its way into every aspect of the busty Bulgarian’s life, including her bedroom. “In general, I do not fall under the ‘standard’ sex umbrella. I’ve had sex in a car, in an elevator, in the pool, lounge on the terrace, in the woods—even on a construction site!” laughs Playboy Bulgaria’s April 2014 cover girl as she twirls her black and red curls. “Dance is in everything I do!”

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