AGM vs Lithium Motorcycle Battery – FINAL VERDICT Batteries play a crucial role in our daily lives. The next step is a battery load test. Lithium-iron batteries discharge full power until they are completely discharged, so they give fast, powerful cranks right up … This morning, I arrived at the shop and went to check on something in the map. starting a battery reconditioning business. read more battery reconditioning guides here. To do this we are going to use a Multimeter in DC voltage mode. If you have a dead motorcycle battery that won't accept a charge, the problem is normally sulfation. I killed the battery. Read the charge method instructions normally printed on the battery for more information. AGM and GEL style batteries require rebuilding and that is time consuming and expensive. And if you’d like to you can read more battery reconditioning guides here. This page explains how to safely and properly charge a lithium motorcycle battery. Or sealed which is called an SLA battery (Sealed Lead Acid). In theory, any bike built after the early ’80s is capable of running a lithium battery. I've gone to great lengths to tell everyone who will listen to never allow your battery to get drained, as this could damage a lithium battery beyond repair. It’s just very rare that they’ll work again. If your lithium battery is dead, buy a new one. It’s best to always follow the manufactures guidelines for charge time. Hopefully this voltage will be a big improve on the one you measured from the battery 24 hours ago. I had the bright idea to start playing with the Nemesis ECU and DDA, as well as removing some stuff from the harness. Stone cold dead. You can read my thoughts and get a 40% discount here in my EZ Battery Reconditioning Review. Get the battery up on a nice bench where you can work comfortable. Now take a voltage reading of the dead battery. If not, you want to use the 2amp trickle charge setting. Or get the EZ Battery Reconditioning book and save yourself hundreds of dollars by learning how to reconditioning all types of batteries. Another method – How to recondition Lithium Ion Batteries. These are considered maintenance free batteries but you can normally get access to the cell caps and cells by prying off the cover on top of the battery. Lithium motorcycle batteries are quickly replacing old-school lead-acid batteries as the high-performance battery of choice. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. This is useful to measure the cold cranking amps your battery has. How to recondition AGM Motorcycle Batteries. I bought this battery reconditioning book 2 years back and I learned so much about restoring batteries to working order. The number of cca measured when compared to the battery specification would tell us how good the battery is. Sometimes it’s best to have another person watch the meter. A healthy motorcycle battery should be around 12.6v or more. Are you are seeing over 10.5v? $107.99 $ 107. Then retry the load test. You can also mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water to create a cleaning paste. Place your negative probe on the negative terminal. Any less than 6v on this test your battery is toast. Then fully charge the battery and try it again. Lithium motorcycle batteries are LifePO4 batteries, most using prismatic (square) cells. And you can learn how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery without them for now. While both AGM and the lithium-ion batteries have their own pros and cons, the suitability of each type of battery depends upon the various factors explained above. Welcome to Battery Reconditioning Lab. Take an open circuit reading with your mulitmeter on DC volts. What you are looking for is when you try to start the bike, the voltage reading on your battery shouldn’t dip below 9.5 volts at any point. Remember to leave the cell caps off while the battery is on charge. For example if your battery is rated at 3.7 volts and the voltmeter only shows 1.5 V, it may be in sleep mode. The other main type of motorcycle batteries you will also see is AGM or GEL type batteries. You can test a motorcycle battery using a battery load tester if you have one. And really well done if you made it this far. Anything under 1.50v might indicate a weak cell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are seeing under 10.5v the AGM battery is likely. Healthy motorcycle charging systems put out roughly 14 volts at 2,000 rpm, and a Lithium battery, for example, needs between 13-14 volts to charge. Also you can check out step 7 above to see more information on this test. If it does dip below 9.5v then I suggest you complete a charge cycle by draining it and recharging it again. I recommend 24 hours and this will depend on the battery charger and battery you’re using. Get it fast with Same Day Shipping! If your bike produces less, the battery won’t charge. Flush the area with lots of water and consult your doctor should you become ill. Make sure you are wearing the correct safety equipment listed below when attempting to recondition motorcycle batteries. Then I’d suggest you put the battery back on charge for another few hours at least. If you rarely use the bike and don’t have access to power where the bike is parked – it’s worth removing the battery and giving it a full charge every couple of months. A healthy motorcycle charging system puts out about 14 volts at 2,000 rpm, and a lithium battery needs between 13 and 14 volts to charge. The Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pros and Cons almost tally in terms of numbers. If you do spill battery acid clean it immediately with baking soda and water. Click here to watch a small presentation and get a 40% discount! Put your meter on DC volts mode again and measure the voltage potential across the negative and positive posts like earlier. You can also use a battery hydrometer for this to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte. IMPORTANT- if the LFX battery is deeply discharged below 12.86V only a lithium charger with cell balancing can be used to recover the battery. 4.0 out of 5 stars 390. Stronger. Watch this short presentation below to find out more (Click to play). Yes, most lithium motorcycle batteries utilize an external-powered BMS charger that does need to be rebalanced from time to time. Or you can watch the reading. And I now save hundreds of dollars a year from never having to buy new batteries. If it continues to drop below this voltage then it’d be wise to replace it sooner rather than later. Another way of doing this is to use a *USB cable this needs to be a cable you don’t use, Since you are going to cut an end off of it. Stop! This AGM motorcycle battery reconditioning method will likely only work on a nearly completely dead battery. Arrives before Christmas. I don’t recommend that at all. If you measure a voltage under this reading. It’s a pain to pull a battery out of a bike. You can check the age of the battery pack, and measure the voltage (if able), or check for date codes on the circuit board inside. Then connect the negative cable so your battery is fully connected. Remember this process is just for Flooded lead acid motorcycle batteries. Showing you exactly how to recondition your motorcycle battery and many more! Lead acid batteries are considered “dead” at between 50-70% charge – once they hit that mark, they’re useless. I've been working on my old racebike for the last week or so, trying to finish a restoration which has sat in the corner of our showroom for a few years. Required Tools to Bring a Dead Motorcycle Battery Back To Life. Newer batteries can last longer with an average of 3 – 5 months until dying whereas older batteries will not last as long giving it an average of 1 – 3 months until the battery dies while the motorcycle is sitting. And the voltage of the battery under load by trying to start the bike with your multimeter connected. Customer Service: 800-969-7501; Help; Quick Links. You take your funnel or syringe and top off each battery cell. Also please make sure to wear protective gear whilst reconditioning your motorcycle battery. The ONLY one of its kind… BatteryJack is proud to introduce the Banshee Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 Marine Series. You can read my thoughts and get a 40% discount here in my EZ Battery Reconditioning Review. Location: Lost in the jungles of Thailand. Things were looking good yesterday when I left the shop. You really want to see 12.6v + before the next load test. Dead. And they can help you with AGM style batteries. As these batteries were designed to never be opened. Take care. Now its times to carefully empty your cells into a plastic bucket. I certainly make mistakes with an alarming regularity- but it is not very often that I make a mistake with a lithium battery. When a Shorai LFX battery is fully charged it will measure a peak voltage of ~14.4V. More Powerful. The average battery charger is designed for the 8-volt requirements of lead-acid batteries; they will not charge a Lithium battery. But if you don’t have a battery hydrometer your digital multimeter will do. That’s why I recommend a replacement at that point. As soon as I looked at the kill switch, and the dark dashboard- and then at the still connected battery...I knew I was in trouble. Knowing the difference is very important when you are reconditioning a dead motorcycle battery. There are two main types of 12v battery you’ll likely to find on a motorcycle. Order Status Wishlist/Registry Gift Cards. However, in our opinion almost all of the disadvantages with Li-ion battery can be fairly easily mitigated. Motorcycles use 12v batteries. They crank harder and longer. Now you’ll want to charge the reconditioned motorcycle battery for at least 18 hours. So, I am going to hook this up to a few different chargers that we have here and report the progress. If the bike starts and the battery didn’t dip below 9.5 then you have successfully reconditioned a motorcycle battery. If you measured over 12v above you can potentially skip this step as chances are your cells are all in working condition. It can be very dangerous. Using jumper leads connect the two batteries together. We all make mistakes, even when we know better. Step 3 – Check cell voltage and health. You need to test your motorcycle battery using a multimeter. You do not want battery acid on your skin or in your eyes. I put most of it back together last weekend, and it runs great. Once all the liquid has drained from the battery you can add some baking soda to the bucket to neutralize the acid. Correctly maintained, a lithium motorcycle battery should give you at least 48 months of use. AGM and GEL are maintenance free I’ve had these last up to 8 years. If your bike falls out of this voltage range, you need to replace your charging system. Everyone and anyone can do this. There might be a problem that caused the previous battery to fail. So please read on! And unlike the others in the market, this medium motorcycle battery can hold an unloaded charge for up to one year. This is how it should be done. A paperweight. 3 years ago shorai powered debise and mcfadden close out 2017 on the podium in alabama Shed weight & get great start ups with a new Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery from Dennis Kirk. We can work around it using just the multimeter to test the under-load voltage. Working with batteries or any kind of electricity has its risks.

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