All the time follow your heart. Thank you for sharing. They also require more frequent pruning to keep them under control and help them develop a strong structure. Sorry I don’t know anything about oliver tree. A mixed shelterbelt is also another excellent way to provide habitat for wildlife. In fact, it’s best to mix things up. The Mimosa trees are listed as an invasive species by several government organizations (USDA, US Forest Service…). A general rule of thumb for a single-row shelterbelt is to make sure the setback is twice the shelterbelt’s height from its leeward — or downwind — side from a road or … Hello Ben, I purchased a 16′ dawn redwood about 100 miles from my home. They protect your most important assets; soil, water and stock. Ours is growing in clay in full sun with minimal extra water in zone 7. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. I planted 15′ from the house and it was too close. That way, if one plant gets attacked by a pest or disease, it won’t affect your entire screen.One more thing! It can grow upwards of five feet per year., My zelkova page shows the growth of several of those trees. Our mountain canyons here in Utah are full of them – all growing of of the same root system (that’s per cluster, not the whole mountain; but a cluster can cover a mile or more in the wild). Did you mean olive tree? EVERGREEN , "Eucalyptus nicholii - Peppermint Gum" is a pet of mine,and is fast growing gum, my family planted some on the 20 acre block and it blasted its way up to 25 meters, it is very fast and dense when it wants to be. They are good trees to plant for privacy and wind breaks or shelterbelts 1. We’ve had a couple in our neighborhood and they are constantly sprouting new trunks! Susie Rossi. I would like a fast growing tree. I planted an alder about 8 years ago and it has cleared 30′. Cedars include white or red. Thanks, I love the symmetrical canopy Are the prone to bugs? There are many variables and growing conditions that could affect the growth rate of a tree. Or if you want to stick with a fast grower, choose trees or shrubs below that will work in your hardiness zone so that they’re accustomed and prepared to thrive in your area. Ideas? Eastern white pine and green giant arborvitae are some of the fastest-growing evergreens. They grow 4’ annually to about 40’. That would be the first shrub we listed above, the north privet. My transplant survival rate is 99.9 when moving large plants & trees up to 8″ cal. I want to use them as a hedge but the are pretty tiny. A large shade tree that quickly reaches its 70 foot height with an average growth rate of 2.5 feet per year. The classic shelterbelt uses a combination of width and height (in the form of evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs) to foil the wind, trap snow, provide wildlife shelter and trim up to 30% off your winter heating bill and/or firewood needs. What would you suggest? Once planted, some time spent each year on trimming and fertilising will give excellent results. White spruce is the fastest growing of the bunch, and will tolerate cold water flooding in spring, but cannot tolerate saturated soil for more than about a week in the growing season. The Leyland cypress, green giant arborvitae, and silver maple are all close seconds because they add about two feet to their height each year. They are lovely trees and quite hardy. It has a very festigate growing pattern and looks very uniform when growing. I agree with Beth – our smoke tree from Arbor day is growing before our eyes literally. The fast growing red maple cultivar has been bred for brilliant fall foliage. After 2 months have not received any feedback. With a yard full of vibrant greens and colorful flowers, the last thing you want is a big brown fence getting in the way!But you still want to enjoy your outdoor space in peace. December 18, 2017. Please note that with proper tree care you can accelerate the growth of these trees even more.

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