There is fierce competition for … You can hear my voice in many types of audio productions, such as TV and radio commercials, audiobooks and media. narration samples. Read More 20 Things Learned in Last 20 Years. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Agent - Select Audiobooks. They will consider your talent, age, professionalism, Working experience: Beginning narrators should not use an agent because the - Audio Books Need to get the project out the door in a nearly impossible amount of time? Many narrators have a background in acting or specifically voice over. Your first book is Free with trial! I have years of work experience in studio which includes work as a radio DJ and on-air producer and audio engineer. Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone Here are some examples: Learn how much does it cost to hire a Audiobook Narrator, Audiobook narrator needed for my new business book, Voice over expert with low range needed for graphic novel, Need person with southern accent to do audiobook narration, Read technical content with proper tempo and pacing, Provide narration that replicates different accents of three main characters in a novel, Experience doing voice over for new non-fiction authors, Ability to convey bubbly personality while doing voiceover for educational books, Must have clear diction and even pacing while reading long content, Ability to complete audio narration in the time allotted. money. - All styles. - Audiobook/Podcast Very creative voice-over professional. I’m an English voiceover artist & actress with over 15 years of professional experience producing high quality voiceovers for TV Commercials, Video Games, Audiobooks, Radio Dramas, Corporate Explainer Videos, Documentaries, e-learning, Telephone IVRs & more in my characteristic clear & engaging style, from my fully-equipped recording studio in London. Your job post is your chance to describe your project scope, budget, and talent needs. Degree in performing arts by the Institut del Teatre in (Barcelona). - Voice Over to Institutional/explaining Videos She has been seen on and … Avantone Pro CV-12 Tube Condenser Microphone "Kit has been great to work with to develop tutorial videos for our online course. Literary Agent FAQ; Shop. What type of work have they gotten in the past. Books; Courses; Book Deals Newsletter; Select Page. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. ✔ Diverse characters for Video Games, Apps and Animations Upwork connects you with top talent around the world, or near you. Economics. Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions. HR & Office Administration. ✔ Captivating Audiobooks, Trailers and Documentaries Here's How It Works: Best Audiobooks Narrated by a Full Cast There’s something particularly engrossing about a well-narrated audiobook. Audiobook Narrator Agents. Upwork is the leading online workplace, home to thousands of top-rated Audiobook Narrators. Enter Amazon’s Audiobook Creative Exchange (ACX), which connects audiobook narrators with books to narrate. Compare bids, reviews, and prior work. When you get that perfect combination of narrator and story, it can be magical. **Egyptian, Start your free trial today and get a free audiobook. had some voice acting training, spent two or three years narrating books, and ... World War Z is a sort of modern epistolary novel describing a zombie pandemic through a series of interviews with an agent … **IVR prompts. I... Hi there! Be persistent, but don’t send your portfolio to a Audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way for people to “read” books. Narrators can increase the number of varied and higher paying jobs by using an audiobook Narrator Agent. I have also worked as a voice artist for many start-ups & charities. I've also been teaching English and Japanese to all age groups at private language schools for 10 years in various countries. Throughout my VO journey, I have developed a finely tuned ear and a great enthusiasm for my work. When the agent brings you in for a meeting, remember that My experience includes Ads, Explainers, Acting and Educational projects in Spanish (Latin America / Neutral) for a wide arrange of clients like Fox, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HBO, Warner Brothers and many more! Narration work for audiobooks is on par with other voice-over jobs in terms of compensation. The Audiobook Academy at VO Atlanta presented by debuting in 2020 features a very unique resource sure to benefit audiobook narrators; Michele Cobb. Michele Cobb worked for years as a theatre director … I have range from teenager to mid 30's, with a generic American accent. With over 10 years of experience in translation and voiceover recording, I have a professional recording studio with seasoned Mandarin and Cantonese voice talents, delivering a variety of audio/video productions, including: Radio/TV Commercial, Corporate video, Explainer/Whiteboard Video, Animation, IVR, Audiobook, Smartphone App, Tutorial, Mandarin training material, PowerPoint Presentation, etc. Ashley Music, Audiobook Narrator. Upwork connects you with top talent around the world, or near you. Instead, a beginning narrator should focus on: The best way to get started is with Audible/ACX, Findaway are: Follow the agency’s guidelines and submit your voice actor Don’t believe us? portfolio. Or find a studio professional to help out with the recording, editing, and mastering. If you are looking for Arabic voice talent with warm, expressive, educational, advertising, story telling or motherly voice, Yup! To make sure that the message of your script makes sense to Korean people, I will do script proofreading for free. Along side my bachelors degree I also have certificates in Audio Recording, Post Production Mixing and Mastering, Composition, Live Sound Reinforcement and Music Business. - eLearning are perfect for beginning narrators. Click on the "Feedback" tab to read comments from Adriana's happy clients! We can be listening to some of our favourite stories, but not be able to get through the audiobook because the narrator just isn't doing it for us. - Narrator Career Development. I majored in Digital Audio Production, working in several sound desing projects throughout my college career. I also recorded three full audiobooks and several museum audio guides. During his free time, he uses his voice for various projects such as narrations and advertisements. you are also interviewing them to see if they are a good fit for you. I am happy to work with short term or long term projects. Most... Hi! The only horror novel-- and one of the most fun to narrate books-- I've ever done! I have worked for the biggest radiostation in Poland - RMF FM (about 8 milion listeners daily). Sam found me first and submitted an audition sample. I have also worked in musical projects, and live audio events as an audio engineer. Pay hourly or fixed-price and receive invoices through Upwork. Religion & Spirituality Audiobook Club All Sub Genres. Listen to your books wherever you are with the free Audible app - in a car, on a run or even … When you use the simple search function tool, you’ll find tasks for promotional voice-over roles for businesses generally 5 minutes and under as well as corporate training videos, and tons of audiobooks. re-launches 9/16 with a CONTEST! Studio One 4 DAW Your email address will not be published. He creatively takes our outlines and/or scripts to develop videos that meet learners' needs." The vocal talent agency "" puts the standard rate for an audiobook narrator at £195 per session, and £65 per additional hour. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Give it a listen, if you aren't too chicken ;-) (Oh, hey, that rhymed!) Help; Sign In; Browse. Able to produce many different kinds of voices (children, toys, monsters, cartoons, elders, animals...) Those rights are different from the author's rights in the underlying book. Michele has been a part of the past few VO Atlanta Voiceover Conferences, but 2020 offers something different. - Commercials Creating a new web site to serve audiobook narrators of all levels took longer than a summer vacation. Compare bids, reviews, and prior work. How to Become an Audiobook Narrator in 7 Steps. I am grateful to have worked for many reputable clients such as Lamborghini, Fox Sports, Scheels, Alumacraft Boats, Retay, Salmo Lures, Ford, Dell, Adidas, BASF, Ford, Dobla, Johnson & Johnson, Telegram, Morton Buildings, NBA Academy India, Wild Wing Cafe, Spectrum Health, Vostok Games, Main State Credit Union, Tico Trucks, Locherber Milano, Upventur, FaZe, and many more. With ten years' industry experience and over 350 Five Star reviews, I deliver Voice Over services that meet the demands of any market! My name is Sally, I'm a Thai Native and I live in New Zealand. Please send the total word count and let me know where the audio will play, or just send me your script, and I'll get back to you ASAP. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like: Coke, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, Hyundai, Lamborghini and Nationwide just to name a few. I am a professional voice actor seeking opportunities to work with clients who want to collaborate with an experienced talent on a variety of projects. I'm Kelly Viloria. ACX is a marketplace where authors, agents, and publishers connect with narrators, recording studios, and more to produce audiobooks. Check out the Japanese podcast that I host, as my voice samples: I have more than 10 years video editing experience on a wide range of projects from small scale to big budget. The idea is to target the keywords that your ideal candidate is likely to type into a job search bar to find your project. - Narration for Digital Products, launchs and VSL If you need... Hello, my name is Marcin Fugiel i am Polish native speaker and i work as a professional voice over. Land the voice over job of your dreams. There are additionally opportunities to find and use agents for your talents and earn royalties both as an author and voiceover artist. My name is Lissú, and I am an Audio Engineer/Producer. Narrators are responsible for maintaining relationships with casting directors, producers, and publishers and for booking their own projects. Work ready in 24/48H if you need it urgently! agent is looking for someone who has already proven they can work and earn That means he should be able to portray the message and intent of the author while giving a strong performance that can bring the characters of the … It could greatly expand your career or simply allow you to obtain a larger variety of jobs for higher pay. My name is Koji Asano and I am a professional voice over actor. A commercial agent earns ten or twenty percent of the voice I can and will deliver great results with a process that’s timely, collaborative and at a great value for my clients. Now I do translation for the website called from English to Thai and being an administrator of the website as well. I speak Spanish, English and a little bit of French. Use Upwork to chat or video call, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile. Areas of focus will be technical, business and performance with Breakouts and X-sessions available in each in addition to a few panel discussions designed to help you. Within seconds, I knew Sam was … Home studio recordings and audio editing. If you are looking for a Thai native voice over please don't hesitate to contact me. I work close with a lot of professional Japanese voice talents (both male & female), so if you need multiple talents for your projects, I can definitely organize professional voice actors and actresses for you! Philips, Mastercard, McDonalds, Michelin, C&A. before you get a meeting. I am reliable, prompt and very easy to work with. Cara is always seeking out new voice acting opportunities and would love to work with you! Have a nice day! An audiobook is a sound recording that comes with two sets of rights. Get qualified proposals within 24 hours. ... One - an 'evening zone' which showcases BBC Three's programmes. A classic thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton, Sphere is a bravura demonstration of what he does better than anyone: riveting storytelling that combines frighteningly plausible, cutting-edge science and technology with pulse-pounding action and serious chills. **short stories, Download Audiobooks narrated by Scarlett Day to your device. Business Development. I currently use Adobe Audition CC 2018. - Voice Over Do your research **TV and radio commercials, There’s nothing like a good audiobook to entertain you, whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, sitting on the beach, or in the middle of your morning commute. Send me a message, I'd love to hear your story and get to know you. Karen Commins is an award-winning, professional audiobook narrator, producer, publisher, writer, and leading curator of information about the audiobook industry. Upwork has the largest pool of proven, remote Audiobook Narrators. The voice actor you recruit must be a superb storyteller. If so, how did you find him or her? actor’s pay. To be an audiobook narrator, the voice agent has the potential to grab the attention of the audience for long periods. But don't just take my word for it - take it from clients of mine: I'm a professional Voice over and translator. **Saudi, the right fit for them. He uses his creativity and proficiency in English for various employment opportunities. - Phone messages / IVR / URA Accents of the world: Italian, French, English. I would appreciate any employment opportunities that may be available for me. I have a broadcast-quality home studio, and I’d be delighted to record a custom demo for you. Do you have an agent? An audiobook narrator spends approximately four to six hours behind a microphone, per day. If you love reading and can sustain a consistent read, or even voice multiple characters, this line of work may be for you. Highly committed to any task, self-demanding, very professional and communicative. I am able to take direction well and love working with my clients to bring their own unique sound to their projects. **Syrian, some question you could ask: You may need to submit your material to several agencies Willing to accept new challenges and always open to suggestions. Don’t forget about casting sites! I am a US-based voiceover professional whose specialties include software training videos, walkthroughs, e-learning, webinars, whiteboard videos and a host of other voiceover applications. Insurance. Download audiobooks to your iPhone, Android, or other listening devices. He has written articles published by a local newspaper. Check out some of our top rated Audiobook Narrators below. Tell us what you need. ** If you're NOT in the US, or just want more flexibility with your searches you have options. I am a full-time, non-union voice over actress. These agents work for an agency that helps voice actors find work in commercials, video games, animations, etc. I'm currently working as a translator for various companies along with a Japanese proofreader who is a 70 year old retired Japanese business man. This requires unflagging energy and the ability to sound as strong at the end of the day as the beginning. “Working with Kit is great, he is an excellent... My name is Chanunrat Huayrerai. In a nutshell, aspiring audiobook narrators should work on developing the following skills: A solid understanding the different kinds of narration; Stamina; Organization; ... or, in our Professional’s Guide, this chapter that sheds light on Getting a Voice Talent Agent … With over 200,000 audiobooks, you are sure to find the perfect listen. I am a voice over artist specializing in commercials, promotional videos, e-learning courses, children's books, and IVR. Years of experience, and Voice for important brands; Hello and welcome to my profile, We provide quality assured translation from English into Japanese and vice versa. :) Hi! My Recording Equipments: Narrators can increase the number of varied and higher paying jobs by using an audiobook Narrator Agent. On ACX, an Audiobook Narrator is Also an Audiobook Producer. If you need further info, do not hesitate to contact me! - Dubbing I have an Announcer's License from my country and I will make sure that you will get the Thai pronunciation correct as well. How long has the agency has been in business? As a full time professional Voice Talent I have built my business on some simple but powerful principals. Great books narrated by great performers. portfolio, which may include a cover letter that introduces you, resume that An audiobook narrator is a voice-over artist. Get qualified proposals within 24 hours. Guarantee of high quality... Hello! Specialist in accents: Andalusian, Galician, Valencian and Catalan. "Best freelancer for voiceover or step-by-step tutorials, easily understands what you are looking for and delivers it in no time. Interview favorites and hire the best fit. I started my voiceover business 20 years ago. If you're my "client" you're really considered a friend. This has allowed me to practice and perfect my recording, editing, mixing and mastering skills when producing commercial spots and imaging material, while also meeting strict deadlines and requirements for each project.... High-pressure deadline? Agent Congiration Options: If you're in the US and want to scrape from - you're all set! I use both FCPX and the Adobe Creative Suite with a full toolbox of enhancements at my disposal. My voice can be described as a warm baritone that projects trust, inspires and educates, but also entertains and engages—with an ability to perform a wide range of ages and dialects in both British, Canadian and American accents.... Proficient in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese voice over recording, English-Chinese Simplified & Traditional translation, and audio/video edition. Many narrators have a background in acting or specifically voice over. Help; Sign In; Browse. Independent audiobook ... Demos are the audiobook … We don't do an exact word-to-word translation, instead, we deliver a beautifully written, customer-focused text. Photo Credit: Gaetz Photography. In retirement as a secret agent since a grisly episode in North Africa, Gallatin is parachuted into occupied France, on a mission … Required fields are marked *. ✦Warm, soft, low-pitched, friendly, excellent diction, trusted voice. Within this multi-billion dollar business, publishers and companies around are seeking diverse voices to provide audiobook narration in multiple languages. Cara's voice is suited for everything including commercials, explainer videos, eLearning modules, and many types of narration. Every recording is performed and edited in a high-end studio and professionally... Hi There, I`m also official IVR voice in Orange Mobile. **presentations, and I have worked done several projects with professional companies. An agent will use this information to determine if you are Some questions to ask Would you like to hear a custom demo? lists your achievements and awards, images of yourself, video (if applicable), and You’re likely signed up to those … These voice actors bring depth to the stories they narrate and that really enhances the listener’s experience. If you’ve written an ebook or a print book and want to dramatically increase your audience reach via an audio platform, you’ll need a narrator with a clarion voice to help you take advantage of this new market. ✔ Engaging Advertisements, Promos and Explainers I graduated from Chiang Mai university with Tourism industry which is why I'm able to speak , write and read 6 different languages (English , Thai, Burmese , Japanese , German and Chinese ) mostly I've got a translation into English-Thai , Burmese , Japanese but I also do German and Chinese as required ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Good Vibes, Chelsea * * * #horrorstories #horrorbooks #audible #audiobook #loveaudiobooks #audiobooks #audiobooklove #audiobookstagram … The owners of the copyrights in a sound recording are the performers and the producers.A common practice is for an audiobook narrator to produce their own work. Getting a Narrator Agent is a step for an experienced narrator. His flexibility and great attention to detail allowed him to excel in content management and quality management tasks. You are trying to build a relationship with **Palestinian. 166 likes. The opportunities an agent can provide include narration at Member Favorite Narrators; Most Inspiring Business Memoirs; New and Hot in Fantasy and Sci-Fi; Mindfulness & Mental … Experienced narrators are ready for an agent when they have Recent clients include Dell, Disney,, Home Depot and ResMed. Much Do Narrators Make, lists several options for online market places that The gripping story of a group of … Audio Book Narrator Expect the Unexpected. I released to the world more than 6000 productions. In return, they provide opportunities for the voice actor to Download Audiobooks narrated by Anthony Heald to your device. Become an … When I was searching for the perfect narrator for my book The Vibrational State, I had a specific tone and style in mind. As a voiceover artist, my professional work has included 30 and 60-second commercials... Cara is a professional voiceover talent with a youthful, conversational and upbeat sound. Be sure to include any requirements and qualifications you’re looking for in [Skill]. I speak English at an academic level. and more. The real name for Narrator Agent is Commercial Agent. I'm a Venezuelan voice actress and the official Latin American voice of Wonder Woman for any DC Comics animated project. My past clients include Aardman Animations, the BBC (Doctor Who, Sir David Attenborough, BBC 6 Music), the 2016 Rio Olympics & The National Lottery. Pay for work you authorize. What additional and relevant information can you - Voice Talent Your first book is Free with trial! My professional and well-equipped Home Studio provides me with the ability to offer a QUICK turnaround to clients around the world, whenever needed. I’ve got your back. Listeners and viewers tune out when the message doesn't make sense. My passion is to tell YOUR story. And thanks to the rise in sites like Audible, which offer audio versions of … My article How Happy 20th anniversary to me! I worked as an MC​ (Master of Ceremony) for more than 10 years. A really fantastic narrator can breathe life into the characters and bring the listening experience of an audiobook to new heights. I have 15 Years of musical composition and voice over experience for Games and T.V. ✔ Articulate eLearning, Tutorials and Training Courses I have my own professional home studio. Very experienced theatre actress. access jobs that normally would not be available to them. Like all pros, they want to protect their families’ health and plan for the future. Treat each client with the utmost respect, deliver a product that meets their vision, remain flexible at all times, be fast without sacrificing quality, offer... Ralph earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Ateneo de Davao University. Your email address will not be published. Orlagh Cassidy, an American actress of stage, television, and film, is an audiobook narrator who has twice won the prestigious Audie Award for best narration, as well as many AudioFile Earphones Awards.She is a graduate of SUNY at Purchase and a recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Scholarship. demonstrated that they could work steadily and earn money. In addition, I am a Certified Freelance Translator, and hold a degree in Literature. Although you don’t need a full job description as you would when hiring an employee, aim to provide enough detail for a contractor to know if they’re the right fit for the project. What Equipment Do You Need to Record Audiobooks? The past 20 years have been … Please have a listen to my samples and do get in touch... A native Chinese speaker and a skilled and experienced English-Chinese translator/voice-over actress/audio and video editor/singer doing a PhD in Chinese Studies/Media Studies in the Netherlands. Here are some sample audiobook narrator job post titles: An effective audiobook narrator job post should include: Here are some examples of audiobook narrator job responsibilities: Audiobook narrator job requirements and qualifications. What skills do you need to be an audiobook narrator? Casting Sites. I USE MY VOICE TO HELP BUSINESSES CREATE SUCCESS! Your first book is Free with trial! Experienced narrators can get paid up to $250 per finished hour, and sometimes even $500 for the best and most … I am currently working as an Audio Producer for Grupo Acir, designing and producing commercial radio projects and radio imaging for radio stations all across the country. It is all about the message. Getting an agent can be a bit challenging. it is me! Learn about the cost to hire audiobook narrators. I currenly run my own recording studio equipped with high quality microphone - Neumann TLM 102. I'm an italian native voice talent, translator and videogames dubbing director since 2010. 1 September 2019. I am on Upwork since 2014, and since then, I am doing great. Download Audiobooks narrated by Nicholas Briggs to your device. I've done a voice over in Japanese and English with Japanese accents for commercials, voice mail messages, corporate videos, games, animations, etc. Your first book is Free with trial! It’s simple to post your job and get personalized bids, or browse Upwork for amazing talent ready to work on your audio-editing project today.

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